Obama War Criminal Added to Hoaxster: Patients Burned in Wards

Bombed Afghan hospital staff helpless as patients burned in wards - Business Insider

Now we have Obama the war criminal, added on to Obama the hoaxster for Gun Control. What a record. He is a Bush Clone. I wrote this at Patrick.net:

Obama is a Bush clone. He covered up 9/11 for Bush. He continued regime
change that Bush started in Iraq. He extended it to Libya, Egypt (fail),
and Syria, the Ukraine (where he did it with money), and more. Yinon
Zionism explained what is going on now, over thirty years ago. Read it
on the net. Yinon is a bad man, once a senior officer in the Israeli
and this as well back on Oct 2:

Here is the problem with crisis actors, Obama, so you can train them better. They are lying and they give TOO MUCH INFORMATION.

By the way, only two people in the entire US have the name Baynardo,
and it is a first name. No one in Oregon in the white pages has this


No one in the USA has Baynardo for a last name in the white pages: http://names.whitepages.com/last/Baynardo

Also I googled the name yesterday and could not find last names of Baynardo. This is a SCAM.

Obama is W Bush scum all over again. What a pathetic individual he is. Not only the black community, but the entire nation should be furious at his failure to do the right thing by America. He, like George W Bush, is the liar-in-chief and criminal-in-chief.

And no, Zionism is not Judaism. It is not a religion of any kind. It is a doctrine of hate and evil. America needs to get out of the Middle East and it needs to sever or reduce ties with Israel. Our nation is under a curse because we went into the Middle East and the entire world faces a massive refugee crisis brought on by attempts at regime change.

Zionism is pushing gun control on the left, with Bloomberg and Obama, and hatred of all Muslims, peaceful or not, on the right through Pamela Geller and her friends.

and I posted this at Facebook for your concise understanding:

So, Christina Baynardo was interviewed for having a friend shot at Umpqua. The only problem is that Baynardo is not a legitimate last name in the United States. It is a hoax! Just like Sandy Hook. Baynardo is not a last name in the white pages of last names nor is it a last name as I googled it on Oct 2 except for the crisis actor, Christina! It is a first name, rare in the US and sometimes in Italy. You have been hoaxed again by your evil, war criminal, hospital bombing government. This all started in 9/11 and it was a real false flag. The left globalists, Bloomberg and Obama, want gun control. The right globalists, like Pamela Geller, want hatred of all Muslims whether peaceful or not. Israel is both a hating nation and a gun free nation with strict gun control laws.

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