Netanyahu's Dates Wrong for Blaming Palestinians for Holocaust

Netanyahu's Dates Wrong for Blaming Palestinians for Holocaust

Update: Simon Wiesenthal's Aaron responded to me and defended Zionism. He forgets that the Zionists destroyed the Jewish boycott against Israel. He forgot that Zionism was wicked from the very beginning. But you can follow along if you want more information about this subject, and check out proofs at the bottom of the page for Hitler being responsible for the Holocaust. Unfortunately, that is the only thing I can be in agreement with the Wiesenthal people. 

I posted this at Note the dates at the bottom being proof that Netanyahu's claim that a Palestinian caused the Holocaust is simply very terribly wrong:

I wrote this to Simon Wiesenthal Center. I think they will not
respond, but hey, if they do you guys will be the first to read about
it! But clearly, Hitler had decided on the final solution before meeting
with the Palestinian and murdering of Jews had already started.

Hello Simon Wiesenthal Center,

My natural father was Jewish and I am adopted.

I totally agree with you that the murder of Jews in Germany started in June, 1941, while the Palestinian fellow met with Hitler in December, 1941. Hitler was
responsible for the final solution.

But I have a lot of other issues with Netanyahu as well, and in fact,
with Israel. If you go back to David Ben-Gurion, he made this dreadful
globalist statement:

“In Jerusalem, the United Nations (a truly United Nations) will
build a Shrine of the Prophets to serve the federated union of all
continents; this will be the seat of the Supreme Court of Mankind, to
settle all controversies among the federated continents, as prophesied
by Isaiah.”

That is not Judaism, and it is not of the prophets. It is a lie,
and Jews must separate from Zionism. They have been used by Zionists
before, and they must repudiate what amounts to a very strong effort to
take over the world. Ben-Gurion said that Israel would settle all
controversies among the Federated Continents. We are not talking about
Star Trek here. We are talking about a New World Order.

I suggest that you stand by your guns and repudiate Zionism as
you repudiated their leader, Benjamin Netanyahu. Many holocaust victims
have repudiated Zionism. Jews in America must do so and understand that
Netanyahu can create false flags arousing hatred of Jews any time he
wants to do so. Israeli lobbyists funded Pamela Geller. Bloomberg on the
left does shooting hoaxes.

Please, listen to my words. I am telling you the truth.

Gary Anderson

 Proof is here of the dates: 

View this at the top link or at the following link to protect the copyright. To paraphrase, the  Einsatzgruppe C had reported killing 75,000 Jews by November, 1941 and the D unit had many killed prior to December, 1941.

View this at the top link or at the following link to protect copyright. To paraphrase, by December, 1941, a million Russian Jews had already been wiped out by the Nazis.

View this at the top link or by reading the following link to protect the copyright. To paraphrase, the German pogroms of killing started in June, 1941.

So, Netanyahu is WRONG.


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