French Train Incident False Flag, Spencer Stone Stabbed in Sacramento

This is my opinion about the French false flag incident. It is a troubling story bolstered by this blogger:

You have to read the timeline and story carefully on the aanirfan blogspot. The blogger pieces it together. Clearly there are serious problems to the French story, and I would add, one of the young men, Alek Skarlatos, was from Umpqua with the community college of the hoax in Oregon being his alma mater, and is now on Dancing with the Stars while still being in the military!

Looks like the neanderthal looking guy, Spencer Stone, was almost stabbed to death in Sacramento at a bar. Perhaps God's swift revenge for some evil folks is very swift.

The question is, how could that skinny malnourished Muslim carry a weapons arsenal onto the train? Sounds like the idiocy surrounding Sandy Hook Hoax, where a skinny kid carried heavy weapons.
Actors were on the train as well as a guy who is France's equivalent of Pamela Geller. That alone is massively suspicious. This was overwhelmingly obvious that it is a false flag and people got hurt.
This is Zionist globalism, and Zionism is not Judaism. The goal is to make the west think like Israel. Israel has 1. gun control and 2. hatred for all Muslims, peaceful or not.

I posted this at and am reposting this story here.


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