ABC Censored Me for Posting the Truth About Sandy Hook

ABC News, cowards that they are, blocked my explanation of the socalled death of fake. After allowing a few posts to an article discussing three supposed deaths in Colorada Springs, which are probably fake too, they blocked this in a red bar saying "We are unable to post your content because you have been blocked by ABC News." Cowards. Just remember, this is a mainstream media propaganda rag, that wants to keep the propaganda from being uncovered. Here was my attempted response to a guy who thought she was killed at Sandy Hook: 

Explain why she was photoshopped into the family picture? Lol, everyone was looking at the camera and she was looking way off, and it is an obvious photoshop. Who is real and who isn't? Nobody died at Sandy Hook. They destroyed the school and had the destroyers of the school sign papers that they would not give the secret away. Here is your problem, Ray, don't try to figure out the whole thing. When a stock goes up or down it goes up or down at the margin. All you have to do with the hoaxes is to have evidence at the margins to understand the whole thing is rotten.

As far as these deaths are concerned, there is simply the questions that must be asked at the beginning, are they fake or are they real. Most are fake, that make the mainstream media. If evidence arises I will post it here. 


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