9-11 Attacks: The Five Dancing Israelis Arrested on 9-11

9-11 Attacks: The Five Dancing Israelis Arrested on 9-11

From the site:

When a van fitting that exact description was stopped just before
crossing into New York, the suspicious "middle-easterners" were
apprehended. Imagine the surprise of the police officers when these
terror suspects turned out to be Israelis!

According to ABC’s 20/20, when the van belonging to the cheering
Israelis was stopped by the police, the driver of the van, Sivan
Kurzberg, told the officers:

"We are Israelis. We are not your problem. Your problems are our problems. The Palestinians are your problem." (10)

Why did he feel Palestinians were a problem for the NYPD?

The police and FBI field agents became very suspicious when they
found maps of the city with certain places highlighted, box cutters (the
same items that the hijackers supposedly used), $4700 cash stuffed in a
sock, and foreign passports. Police also told the Bergen Record that
bomb sniffing dogs were brought to the van and that they reacted as if
they had smelled explosives. (11)


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