The Doctrine of “Superior People” – The Bond between Israel and World Zionism

The Doctrine of “Superior People” – The Bond between Israel and World Zionism – Wake Up From Your Slumber !

The author makes one serious error as I posted in the responses. I am not defending Judaism as my personal religion, because it isn't. I am defending the Torah centered Judaism that rejects Zionism as being correct in its rejection of Zionism. Israel is not Judaism and the author cannot see this.

So, I posted:

There is one large error in this article. Rabbis in America converted
from Judaism to Zionism. Judaism as a biblical doctrine cannot accept
Zionism. Please correct this.
But there are some insights from the article that are worth reposting here.

As the author says:

Jews, especially young Jews, are increasingly repelled by Israel’s
crimes against humanity. The next step for them (and for us) is to
criticize, demystify, and stand up to the toxic supremacist ideology
linking the powerful domestic Zionist power configuration and its
political clones with Israel.

The root problem is not genetic, it is collective political dementia:
a demented ideology that claims a chosen elite can forever dominate and
exploit the majority of American people. The time will come when the
accumulated disasters will force the Americans people to push back,
unmasking the elite and rejecting its supremacist doctrines. Let us hope
that they will act with passion guided by reason.

Rejection of Zionist superiority cannot be formed in the fashion of antiSemitism and hatred. Leave those for the white supremacists who are just like the Zionists.

The author says as well, and I totally agree:

Apart from small extremist right-wing sects who exhibit visceral
anti-Semitism and denigrate everything Jewish, there are very few
academics and politicians willing to question this supremacist doctrine.
On the contrary, there is an incurable tendency to advance oneself by
accepting and embellishing on it.

For example, in August 2015, US Vice-President Joseph Biden
attributed ‘special genius’ to Jews, slavish flattery that embarrassed
even New York’s liberal Jewish intellectuals.

Israel’s dominant role in formulating US Middle East policy is
largely a product of its success at recruiting, socializing, and
motivating overseas Jews to act as an organized force to intervene in US
politics and push Israel’s agenda.

What motivates American Jews, who have been raised and educated in
the US, to serve Israel? After all, these are individuals who have
prospered, achieved high status and occupy the highest positions of
prestige and responsibility. Why would they parrot the policies of
Israel and follow the dictates of Israeli leaders (a foreign regime),
serving its violent colonial, racist agenda?

Certainly, Zionism is a doctrine of regime change, death, derivatives and financial totalitarianism and austerity for the American people. 


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