Most Muslim Nations Do Not Impose Sharia Law Punishments

Clarifying Sharia Law punishments is easy thanks to the Council on Foreign Relations. Of course the council has many problems. like the unresponsive blogs of 9/11 officials who covered up the deed. But for the purposes of understanding Arab nations and fighting Islamophobia this is a valuable lesson:

Punishments for hadd offenses—flogging, stoning, amputation, exile, or execution—get a significant amount of media attention when they occur. These sentences are not often prescribed, however. "In reality, most Muslim countries do not use traditional classical Islamic punishments," said Ali Mazrui of the Institute of Global Cultural Studies in a Voice of America interview. These punishments remain on the books in some countries, but lesser penalties are often considered sufficient.

The article goes on to say that Sharia law was revisited with the uprisings in various nations. But we know Yinon Zionism was primarily responsible for those uprisings. Many Muslims do not know that their fate is often in the hands of neocons, globalist Zionists, from the USA, Europe and Israel.

The Russians know all about Zionism (which is not Judaism), and regime change.

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