John Kerry and Syria refugee crisis - Business Insider

John Kerry and Syria refugee crisis - Business Insider

This article has some interesting points, but serious flaws. It has very serious flaws. Here was my response as in Insider in the comment section:

1. You just ran an article that said ISIS was causing Muslims to leave Iraq. Now, why would that not also be the case in Syria?

2. You never said who started the conflict. I happen to believe the US
and maybe Israel funded the original rebels. If that is the case, the
sovereign nation gets the benefit of the doubt under international law.
You didn't prove this isn't the case, authors. We know the US has been
engaged in Yinon regime change in almost every other nation in the
middle east.

3. Russia is on the side of international law and we are flirting with war crimes. Give it up Pam. 

Does anyone really believe that an Assad regime change would stop the refugees? What are these authors smoking? They certainly are not thinking too deeply about the issue, IMO.


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