I Sent an Online Letter to President Obama about Syria and Zionism.

I sent a letter to President Obama. I rarely do that, but I did it out of my concern for where US foreign policy is going. I don't even know if his people will read it. But I think it is worth posting to my blog, anyway:

I realize the coup that took over America was done in 1953. JFK was not a Zionist, but all presidents since then have been. You know Zionism is a bankrupt political movement, the Rothschild project as it is called in the UK. You are doomed to failure because you have destroyed the middle east with Yinon regime change. You have put Russia and China on alert never to trust the USA again. You are still on the dark side, that Cheney, the most wicked Zionist, spoke about.

You know Russia has a right to protect Syria. You know that our worst enemy is our ally, Israel. israel is a curse on us because it is not of God. The Torah is clear, the new Zion would be established by the Messiah, not a globalist atheist, a self avowed one, David Ben Gurion. You are making the world more dangerous, not Russia.

On the Yahoo boards, you are being reamed in public opinion as most people know the propaganda, every day, that you put out about Syria. Most Americans know that we created or had a hand, with Israel, in the creation of ISIS.

American government decisions are starting to sicken me. I am 66 years old, and a patriotic American, but I know when the Bush/Cheney thugs came to power, it was over for America as a shining light to the world. Not that we were ever perfect, but we were at least a patient nation and willing to do the right thing most of the time. We no longer care about doing the right thing in foreign policy. It is all about pipelines and a Greater Israel. We are almost Israel's first state.

We avoided most false flags in the old days. Especially upon our own citizens. We have had more false flags since 2000 than we had throughout our history!

I am sick of it. You just need to stop it. Stop it.


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