I Posted a Claim with End BDS That Opposes Their Apparent Bigotry

The End BDS movement is filled with bigotry. And these people who support it are Zionist, not practicing Jews. They should understand the political movement that is Zionism is not associated with the religions of Judaism or Christianity.

I posted this complaint to their website:

Your website offends me. My natural father was Jewish and I am adopted. Your website continually confuses anti Zionism with anti Semitism, even though you are certainly aware that Zionism is a recent movement historically speaking, having its beginning in the 1800's. It is a movement that in no way reflects the essence of Judaism, by that I mean the true Zion is spiritually established by the Messiah.

Being a Christian, I believe Christ is that Messiah, and that Zionism is as bankrupt as a doctrine as Dispensationalism is as a doctrine. Even the True Torah Jews, who are not Christian, understand that the Messiah is to build the new Zion, not a bunch of self avowed atheists like David Ben-Gurion. Zionism poses as a religion, I will give you that. Brandeis has an esteemed professor who said that Rabbis converted from Judaism to Zionism, which of course, to me is impossible, since Zionism is not a religion.

If you aren't Jewish why not say so. Why not say you are Zionists? At least be honest about it.

In closing I would just like to say that I hate anti Semitism. I hate it and have written about it and thrown it back into the faces of the bigots. I want you to stop being bigoted in lumping us with the anti Semites. Zionist leaders now include bigots like Pam Geller and Ihor Kolomoyskyi, who are totally filled with racial and ethnic hatred in their hearts. I suggest you speak out against those people if you have not already.

I don't think the EndBDS movement accepted my complaint, which would be amusing if they were not so hypocritical. One of my problems with the EndBDS movement as it stands is that it sometimes calls all things Israel "Jewish" and all things Jewish "Israel".  The problem with that is that Judaism, what it means to be Jewish is not Zionism, or Israel. They are actually doctrinally opposed.

Truth is, we need to know if the EndBDS movement is opposed to the BDS boycott of Israel or if it is really just a sly movement that tries to link the BDS movement with anti Semitism. I believe it is the latter. That is my opinion and I stand by it.

As for Israel, I do not advocate its destruction, but it is a fake Zion. It is a fraud. It is built upon a political doctrine that does not even follow the religion of those who preceded it. It should be voluntarily dismantled.


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