Disgraced United CEO Jeff Smisek Is the Reason for Income Inequality 

Disgraced United CEO Jeff Smisek Is the Reason for Income Inequality | Leo W. Gerard

The Zionist globalist (Zionism is not Judaism) efforts to push income and wealth to the elite at the expense of main street began in the 1970's with stock buybacks, increased CEO pay, and destruction of wage increases for productivity increases.

Zionism is the ruling doctrine of the elite in the USA and in the western world. It is a recent political movement, beginning in the late 1800's and its goal has always been world domination, and domination of the United States is a central goal of the movement. In the 1970's affter the Zionist LBJ assassination of JFK, the movement sought to change the corporate landscape and consolidate media to its side.

This is why so many actions that have been taken against US citizens have never been explained as a part of the Zionist conspiracy. 

Now buybacks are so frequent that they actually control the price of stocks to a large extent.

From the article is a chart that shows how the profits from worker productivity stopped going to the workers and started going to the top corporate officials and stockholders. Click on to enlarge this chart that is shared with permission by Huffington Post:


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