Non-Zionism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Non-Zionism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

While this article helps prove Jewish people in the early 20th century opposed Zionism, Non-Zionism is slightly different. Non-Zionism was the position that was taken by Jews who had no intention of going back to Israel but were supporting Jewish people who lived there.

It differs from AntiZionism, which opposes the existence of Israel.

My position is AntiZionist, however, I do not seek the destruction of Israel. I just wish the Israelis would all go back to their home nations. It is not a practical thing to seek the destruction of Israel, but certainly Israel can be weakened by the BDS movement. I support that movement.

A new definition of Non-Zionist is a Jew who does not care about Israel in the least. I encourage that position as a starting position towards understanding the evil designs of Zionism.

I would encourage Jews who take that position to read up on Herzl and Ben-Gurion and see that these men were petty imperialists, and have brought great hardship and trouble to the world. I would encourage those Jews to come around to speaking out publicly against Israel, although I would support them in ignoring and not helping Israel.

The tent that includes those non racists who don't want anything to do with Israel is large. Racists and antiSemitics can find their own unhelpful tent, because we don't want you. 


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