Bill O'Reilly, You Don't care Enough to Admit LBJ Killed JFK or 9/11 Was Cheney's Child

Bill O'Reilly, you are a manipulative Zionist fool. You claim nihilists don't care and they are selfish and they act out in evil ways. But the truth is, your worship of money has you lying about 9/11 when it was a conspiracy. You lied about the assassination of JFK too.

With you, in politics, anything goes. While psychopaths act out in violent ways, you are a sociopath, who has lied so much you have no conscience left. You allow and hide mass murders and a hurtful murder, 9/11 and a murder of a beloved president, JFK, to go hidden and your books and commentary also

You are a killer, O'Reilly, because you supported killing and are covering up murder. You claim to be self righteous, just so you can attack progressives, you are fooled into gun control because you won't tell them the truth about JFK!

You are the lowest, O'Reilly. You scrape the bottom along with with Hannity. You don't value life. If you did you would stop the Israelis from oppressing the Palestinians, which has gone on over 60 years.  You make me sick, Bill.

Disclaimer: Zionism is not Judaism. It is not a religious movement. is your source for a true understanding of the religious implication of the political failure that is Zionism.  


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