Alison Parker's parents addresses gun control -Shame on Lying

Alison Parker's parents addresses gun control - 

This is a very sad situation. CNN knows good and well that Sandy Hook was a Hoax. Yet it plays along with the lie, and these poor people, the parents of this poor girl, are conned into thinking that Sandy Hook was real.

CNN is a globalist Zionist organization, and it is wicked to the core. To the core. Rot in hell, CNN. That judgement will come upon all of us soon, and God hates you CNN. 

The article left out a discussion that the Parkers had with Nicole Hockley, a woman who, like so many other "parents" of the "deceased" showed no tears, not one tear in weeks of being photographed, and not even red eyes. IMO, that is condemnation of her position. IMO, she is a fraud, a fake, a wicked gun control advocate.

Check out No Tears Hockley:

And check out CNN lying about Sandy Hook, as the curbs in this video did not match the curbs at Sandy Hook. They match the curbs of another school, nearby. Theory is they changed their minds about which school to use. This is sad and CNN knows Sandy Hook was a hoax:


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