The Billionaire Bigot: Why AntiSemitism In Europe Is Grossly Unfair

The Billionaire Bigot, Israeli/Ukrainian citizen, Ihor Kolomoyskyi, has made the attempt to fuse Nazi right wingers with Jews in order to elicit hatred against all Muslims. This attempt has been met with resistance among the Jews of Europe.

I have mentioned that Ihor is just Pam Geller without a skirt. They both want to hate all Muslims, peaceful or not, which is the secret plan of Zionism as told to me by an Israeli Zionist through a disgusting and vile email. 

The Jews of Europe, according to a source, do not hate all Muslims nor do they seek war against all Muslims. They either are unaware of the Zionist plan or most likely simply do not believe in it. They don't want Ihor's EJP making things worse for the Jews of Europe.

These European Jews are shocked that the EJP met with antiSemites in order to try to fuse a coalition, which, by the way they are also attempting to fuse in the Ukraine.

Putin was right, there are right wing Nazi types in the Ukraine. And because of billionaire bigot Ihor Kolomoyskyi's abject corruption, some Jews in the Ukraine are openly seeking an alliance with antiSemites.

Does Ihor have marching orders from Israel, as I believe Geller does? He is an Israeli citizen as I mentioned before.

It will be interesting to follow this story, because surely Nazis and Jews bonding together out of pure hatred of Muslims is a very disturbing turn of events. We can only watch to see how far this radical fusion will go in the Ukraine. Why we in the west would want anything to do with the Ukraine when one of their richest oligarchs is seeking this sick relationship is anyone's guess.

Some say the Zionist leadership in Israel believes there is enough Khazar DNA in the Israeli population (based on Israeli research) to warrant exploring sending Jewish settlers, itching for a fight, to the Ukraine. Whether this is true or not, Israel is possibly in the process of giving weapons to the reactionary government in the Ukraine, which is full of known Nazis, the party of Swoboda.

800,000 Jews were murdered by the Germans in the Ukraine, and Ihor the bigot seeks to fuse the remnant of those murderers with Jews? Are you kidding me? The Galicia Division of the Ukraine army killed many Jews in WW2, and that division is revered by the Swoboda Party!

America needs to wake up and quit supporting this perversity. Jews in Europe have distanced themselves from this sort of perversity and they should never again be the targets of antiSemitism. 

As for Ihor and Geller, they must be rejected out of hand as agents of an Israel gone wild. But the anger must be turned toward these operatives and toward Israel, and turned away from the Jews of Europe who know better than to open this can of worms, dirty Nazi worms at that.

Disclaimer: Zionism is not Judaism and Jewish people are coming to that understanding daily. Many have always understood this fact, that Zionism is a fairly recent historical movement and doctrine which has done evil in the world, and has adversely affected the fortunes of the United States. 


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