Israel Is at Fault for Most of the AntiSemitism in the World

There would be little antiSemitism if Israel did not exist. Israel is directly at fault for most of the antiSemtism that exists. Jewish people have respect in the US, where most of them live. There is little hatred shown towards Jewish people in Los Angeles, for example.

Israel has oppressed the Palestinians for over 60 years. Israel espouses the doctrine of regime change, which has caused much pain, killings, dislocations of men women and children int he middle east.

There is hardly a more hated nation ever, than Israel for its policies in the middle east. And I even believe pro Israeli operatives like Charlie Hebdo magazine actually seek to grow antiSemitism by their actions.

So, Jewish people need to call out who is to blame for the racial and religious animosity they may feel from time to time, moreso in Europe, but in the United States as well.

Israel is to be called out and Jewish people should remember their ancestors never trusted Zionism, because they practiced Judaism.

Now, to be clear, there are Israelis who hate everything that Zionism stands for. Israel Shahak lived in Israel and hated Zionism, translating Yinon Zionism to warn America. So, when I refer to Israel I refer to Zionism in power in Israel. 


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