Ihor Kolomoyskyi Is Ukrainian Oligarch Behind Fusion of Right Wing and Jews

Ihor Kolomoyskyi is the Ukrainian oligarch centrally responsible for fusion of right wing operatives in the Ukraine and Jewish people in the Ukraine. The issue there of course is Khazaria, as many Jewish people have DNA that is not from Hebrews in antiquity according to recent Israeli research.  But, this is a controversial subject, so see my disclaimer below.

But understand this threat to Jews in Europe as it is now being played out by the Ukrainian Jewish leaders.

So, the central figure in fusing Jews and Ukrainian fascists is Kolomoyskyi. This man, according to the concept of the Second Israel, is seeking eastern Ukraine and Crimea to be a part of this Khazaria, since  that was the original Khazaria.

The Israeli government is likely involved in this project according to Wayne Madsen. Certainly, Israel has determined to send arms to a very right wing government in the Ukraine. Many of these operatives and politicians have been antiSemitic!

Well, it turns out that Kolomoyskyi seeks to expand this fusion of fascists and Jews to greater Europe as well. A stunning article appeared on Newsweek, which exposes this attempted fusion. Connor Gaffney, the author, has said that Kolomoyskyi's organization, the European Jewish Parliament, or EJP, is pushed for this fusion.

Their argument is that since right wingers hate all Muslims, and Jews are persecuted by Muslims, they should hate all Muslims as well.

One must understand what is at stake here. Pamela Geller, the leaders of Israel, and this oligarch want Jews to hate all Muslims. This is the secret essence of Zionist doctrine as interpreted by the Likud Party. Read about Pamela Geller here.

But the Jews of Europe say they don't hate all Muslims and have not signed on. They just need to beware of the essence and origin of this threat to peace and tolerance.  It is Ukrainian based. How much Jews in the Ukraine are on board with this thinking of Kolomoyskyi is hard to say.

But I fear that the purpose of the Maidan revolution paid for by our neocons was to establish that fusion of fascists and Jews. Perhaps two goals are in play here, the undermining of Russia and the establishment of a Second Israel. That is very disturbing and dangerous.

[Disclaimer: I do not believe all Jews in Israel are Khazars. I believe many are, and that this issue is not why I oppose Israel's validity and existence from a religious standpoint, as Israel is not a biblically based Zion regardless of the roots of the Zionist immigrants. If you wish to read further on that subject go here.

Also, for a brilliant treatment of the Second Israel, by Wayne Madsen, which is based on the possibility that many Jews are Khazars, go here, but come back! Also, read my treatment of Khazaria at a top page of the blog you are reading.]


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