Greece Just Crushed the Zionist Globalists in a Vote for Sovereignty

Greece crushed the Zionist globalists by 61 to 38 percent in a resounding no to the Eurozone. Zionist globalism destroys the sovereignty of nations, and its easy money ruined Greece just like it ruined the middle class of the USA.

The Greeks said no to globalist oppression. The globalists (Zionism is not Judaism but is a political and economic cabal) oppress the nations with unreasonable debt, and easy money schemes.

And then, the globalists want to cut help to the old and poor and want bailouts only for themselves. Greece called their bluff and with most of the votes counted, not one province of Greece voted for the globalist scum.

Now we will see if they get a better deal from the Eurozone or if the globalists shoot themselves in the groin. They need to take their silly Euro and go away.


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