ADL Right to Oppose Pamela Geller Wrong to Ignore Massive Racism in Israel

My statement on the Yahoo board pretty much sums up my feelings, my mixed feelings about the ADL. I don't even know if theADL understands its inconsistency. Leaders of that organization can always come here and comment. Here was my statement:

In Israel, many Jews are racist towards even "right of return" black Jews. And some racists have adopted Pamela Geller's views of bigotry as well. I am not always a fan of the ADL, but the ADL has rightly distanced itself from Pamela Geller but has not distanced itself from the racism in Israel and the many justifications for boycotting Israel.

Many articles exist on the net, and you can look them up, showing that Foxman and the ADL have ignored the racism of Israel. They are hypocrites. Jews in America must speak out more forcefully against the racism in Israel. It is not enough to just speak out against Pamela Geller, although I support all those who speak out against her intolerance, hating all peaceful Muslims.

Bigotry applies to intolerance of all races and religions, and the ADL picks and chooses and ignores the intolerance that exists in Israel. That is my opinion but I believe there is a mountain of articles that agree with me. 


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