VIDEO: 9/11 was Done by People in our Own Government | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization

VIDEO: 9/11 was Done by People in our Own Government | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization 

It doesn't matter what you think of Farrakhan overall. He spoke the truth and made some hard hitting points in this article. Global Research does not just post up junk.

Two points he made that are amazingly obvious yet, not even discussed.

First, he said there was no way Bin Laden would have known that the very day they picked for the hijackings, there would have been only two fighter jets guarding the entire Northeast.

This lack of protection was due to drills and mock hijackings, although I remember that one plane was followed by a NetJet, owned by Warren Buffett. He also was partying on 9/11 at the very military base where George W Bush landed later in the day.

Only our own government would have known this fact about the lack of fighter jets, making it an inside job. Any other day and these crashed planes would have been intercepted and there would have been no 9/11!

Second, he said the hole in the Pentagon was 18 feet wide and a 757 jetliner had a 146 foot wingspan, but nothing was found, no wings, no big parts of the plane.

Besides those significant points he repeated the knowledge that large bets were placed on the demise of American Airlines on Wall Street. And of course, the buildings fell free fall, and the photos of the hijackers were made available right away, even though some of those folks live in Saudi Arabia.

It is worth the read, and our nation hurting itseslf by the rulers who have taken over.

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