The Continued Wickedness of Israel Is Revealed by Israeli Ambassador Oren

Ambassador Michael Oren has written a terrible book criticizing American leaders for not being obedient enough to the Israeli regime. This is a disturbing book, and certainly the article touting it is disturbing too. This is perhaps the author's, Adam Credo, most disgusting statement:

It [the book] provides a window into the daily stresses and strains Obama and his allies heaped upon the Jewish state — from placing unprecedented demands on Israel regarding the peace process to fabricating crises in the US-Israel alliance.
“Prophecy was not required to foresee that an Obama presidency might strain the US-Israel alliance,” Oren writes in the early pages of his book.

But BI commentators fought back. I posted a few reasoned arguments as did others as to why this anti American position was so repulsive. I said at the Business Insider version of the article:

Oren is lying. First of all, even the Bush's, the most pro Israel presidents, were against the settlements. Our nation has always been against the settlements. [Against the Palestinian lands being taken over as settlements by Israel.]

Also, Obama is a Zionist. He didn't prosecute a single banker. He facilitated the Libyan regime change. He allowed ISIS to exist in order to please Israel who always wanted a three part Iran since Yinon wrote about it.

Israel is an oppressive state that is committing crimes by permitting Israelis to take over the settlements. Israel is hated throughout the world, and it is getting worse. And Oren is doing nothing to change that.

And another commenter commented on the war criminality of an occupying nation taking land for itself against the Geneva Convention Accords:

Oren's knows how to concoct a rope of lies and distortions. In his 2012 Fox News and CNN interviews, one could easily, easily, sense that Oren harbors hate and ressentiment toward the President. He was almost campaigning in an indirect manner for Romney. Oren knows very well that the United States has put all its weight against law and justice in the case of the Palestine problem. And Oren knows that the cause of that was American internal factors, with the exception of Eisenhower, the effort to get the votes of American Jews in the Presidential elections was what affected most presidents in their Palestine policies. The United States knows very well that the Zionist state is in flagrant violation of the Geneva Convention of August 12, 1949, Article 49, which stipulates: "The occupying power cannot undertake a transfer of its own civil population into the territory which it occupies." The fact that the current U.S. Administration has been supporting Zionist Israel in its colonization and Zionization of Palestinian land utterly repudiates Oren's allegations and nullifies Oren's lies and his politica writings of hatred, just as the lamplight is nullified by the light of day.

As bad as our leaders have been in bowing to Israel, they have stood firm on the illegality of the settlements in statements made, although they have deflected any action to stop the illegality!

That continual verbal opposition to the settlements is something that sticks in the craw of the lawbreakers like Oren and his evil Zionist crowd.  AntiZionists are doing the right thing in opposing the settlements by Israel on Palestinian land. The more they are opposed, the more Israel can be isolated.

A BI commenter stated in a few words the entire problem with Israel:

 If Israel could have signed a peace treaty with Palestine we could had save trillions of dollars in airports security and time wasted, thousands of deaths in all parts of innocents.
Perhaps, Hamas, ISIS, etc could not exist
Millions of forced migrants all over Middle East
American soldiers lives saved
1 trillion dollars in military expenses paid by U.S citizens....while could be use in highways, small business promotions, education etc.

All just because a small (less than a million) group of Jews decided that "Great Israel" is a command of God!.

To that I responded:

Yes, the desire for a Greater Israel is key to understanding that nation's wickedness towards America and the middle eastern neighbors.

See also more info about the ethnic cleansing that is being undertaken by Israel:

Israeli Settlements Are War Crimes

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