POTUS Obama Isn't White Enough to Be a Zionist, Lol.

Well, evidently our POTUS, Barack Obama, is not white enough to be a Zionist. A prominent Israeli talk show host and wife of the Israeli interior minister posted a racist tweet about Obama and then deleted it.

She said:

Do you know what Obama coffee is? Black and weak.

Here is the problem. Obama simply isn't white enough in the eyes of the Zionist, Judy Mozes, to be a Zionist.Mozes says Obama is weak, because we don't go to war for Israel with Iran. If that is weak we need more weak.

But she said he is a black cup of coffee. That is racist on any planet and we are not sure which planet Israel inhabits.

And that racist propaganda appears to be forthcoming after Obama hit all the following Zionist goals. [Remember that Zionism is a global, multiracial political cabal that is highly racist in Israel]:

1. He didn't prosecute one bankster. No TBTF bankster went to jail for the housing bubble and resulting credit crash that wiped out the American middle class.

2. He facilitated the regime change in Libya according to Yinon Zionism.

3. He protected ISIS when he could have destroyed ISIS, because Israel wanted that buffer to Iran and a three part Iraq, which was according to Yinon Zionism.

Obama doesn't want war with Iran. That is the only position in which he differs with the Zionists! And the three positions noted above are not good for America! He has done the will of Israel and gets thrown under the bus, first by the House letting Netanyahu speak without going through White House approval and now by this racist biach flapping her gums.

Keep in mind that although Zionism is a multiracial cabal worldwide, with its financial power largely focused in the UK Square Mile and Wall Street, the Israeli Zionists are very racist people. They have treated the Ethiopian blacks poorly. 

Even Donald Sterling, former billionaire owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, has said that since Israel treated their blacks poorly, "just like dogs", he didn't see a problem with doing that. He lost the team, soon afterwards.

I posted this at Business Insider in response to a guy who claimed that Mozes' racist comment was just an isolated incident:

Didn't the Likud offer to pay the Arab Israeli citizens to move away from Israel? How racist can you get? Did you forget that, Benben? Pamela Geller was funded by Israeli lobbyists. Donald Sterling said that Israel treats the blacks badly so he didn't see anything wrong with it.

Most Jews are not bigots, but almost all Zionists are, Benben. Remember, this was a Zionist we are talking about, a member of a political cabal. The funny thing about it is except for Iran, Obama is a Zionist. He didn't prosecute a single bankster. He facilitated regime change in Libya. He didn't snuff ISIS because Israel wanted ISIS as a buffer against Iran, as Yinon planned long ago.
And speaking of Business Insider, people were posting in the comments that it was just a joke about Obama and not a racist joke. These people are sickos or they are part of the Israeli media blitz. That is just an attack on our values, including the propaganda blitz! 

The Zionists are fascistic, and they are not representative of Jews as a whole who, in America at least, would rather think of Israel as a bad dream.

I posted a response to this trampling by Israel upon Obama:

Ok, so Obama. you tried to be white (to please them). You tried to be a Zionist, even, on virtually every policy. And where has it got you? Maybe it got you a few dollars in your pocket. But did you get their respect? Did they give you that? You still want to do gun control for them? You still want to kill for them in the middle east and maybe the Ukraine? Was it worth it? We have been warning you about their true colors for a long time.

 We know it wasn't worth it. America has been so hurt by its intrusion into the middle east on behalf of Israel.

As I posted in a recent article, a Zionist from Israel hated the Muslims, even the innocent ones, and wanted them to die.

And this even though the Israelis had no right to be in Palestine at all, from the beginning, this Zionist from Israel said the following to me.

I asked him if he felt responsibility for innocent Muslim women, men and children dying from regime change:

fuvk you get lost die from cancer you son of the bitch get lost go to hell stupi moran may you die with all of them together.

If that does not disturb you as Americans, I don't know what could. Americans have to be patriotic and stand against Israel. It is the only way to get our nation back.Zionism is not a race, not a religion. But it is a doctrine that exerts way too much control over our homeland.

I believe Obama allowed Homeland Security to start the fires in Ferguson, as they were professionally set. Yet he let the blacks there take the blame. Well, it is all coming back on you now, Zionist POTUS, who is hated by the Zionists! 

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