Perverted Zionists on CNN Want to Change Child Sexuality Before Puberty!

The perverse Zionists on Zionist Don Lemon's show on CNN, were advocating changing the sex of children prior to puberty in order to give them a "happier" life. That is not only perverse, but it is a big money maker. Big Pharma wants to change children into transsexuals, a lot of them.

I posted this at the Yahoo boards, trying to educate parents:

So, we are tolerant of Jenner, but he is an adult. The scientists want a bunch of transgender elementary school kids running around trying to get your kids to be transgender too! It is Big Pharma!

I am tolerant of what adults wish to do with their bodies. This is, after all, America. But these perverts advocating sex change for children are going too far in seeking to stop sexual development in children!

We have the issue of sex being not that important to children, so why change it? We have the issue of pumping children full of cancer causing hormones. We have the issue of confusing children with transgender bathrooms. We have the issue of children not being ready to make sexual decisions.

The Zionist globalists must be understood by Americans. They want Americans preoccupied with this subject and other social issues, while making rules that you can't let your kid walk home from school. It is a world turned upside down by Hitleresque Fascists. I am surprised they wouldn't want to raise Mengele from the dead to help them out!

Zionist globalists want totalitarian control and want to mold the US into a hating nation Pamela Geller  is an example of this.

This story became widespread because of the Bruce/Kaitlin Jenner airbrushed photo on Vanity Fair. Or at least it looks airbrushed to me. Kaitlin can do what she pleases. She is in America and tolerance is the American way. Some  experts disagree that she is a she, until the final transformation of the body, but that is not the issue that is problematic.

The problematic issue is sacrificing children to this torture, and about changing their actual sexuality and genitalia prior to puberty as was discussed on the Lemon show. They do it with drugs, and Dr Spack said he was involved in blocking puberty, which is a form of sex change. 

There is big money in drug induced blocked puberty! It is unethical. It will become trendy and there will be transgender bathrooms in elementary school. That is a bad idea.  

Dr Spack says he will stop puberty on children he suspects of being transgender. Come on people. This is perverted behavior. It is a form of child abuse, and a third restroom at school, subjecting children to this subject is a form of child abuse, IMO.  

Obviously there is no objection to trying to help children born with both sets of sexual organs. That is an attempt to correct the confusion of nature. Maybe even that should not be fixed until puberty. I don't know n those cases. Changing people before puberty causes thorny problems as this link explains.

But children who are born normally often exhibit some tendencies to be like the other sex. There are tomboys, and boys wearing their mothers' shoes. There are times in which attractions, prior to puberty, are unspoken and fleeting.

But these are not justification to make a buck on a very complex action against children. It goes to far. It is not about tolerance. It is about what society is perversely doing to children for their own gain.

And it is about learning who the Zionists are, and who it is who rules the western world, both politically and financially. Americans must learn who the Zionist globalists are and know they control CNN and the media. As I posted on a website to a fellow who accused me of racism and bigotry:

Zionism is a multiracial cabal of the elite. So how can you call me a racist unless you are simply an unreasoning emotional jerk? Did you know Biden said you don't have to be Jewish to be a Zionist? And many Jews hate Zionism like the True Torah Jews. Zionism is not Judaism.

Here is the diabolical thing that could happen with Zionism attacking children in this way. There will be a lot of talk among children and parents in a way that could influence a child to go against his natural instincts. Without puberty, there is no real way of knowing if a person will accept his sexuality, ultimately.

But there will be transgender bathrooms and huge confusion for children who don't need this. It is time Americans advocated this not be introduced. Jenner and the LGBT community needs to do the right thing and oppose this tampering with children.

It is very perverse to attack children in this way because children are not equipped to make an informed decision about sexual choice when they are hardly sexual beings yet. It is really a Wicked Zionism. It is not a Gay or Lesbian issue. It is a childrens' issue, who we must protect!

Truly, these words from a very famous Zionist globalist are coming true daily in American society:

“The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more
controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite,
unrestrained by traditional values.
Soon it will be possible to assert
almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain
up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information
about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous
retrieval by the authorities. ”
― Zbigniew Brzezinski-1970, Between Two Ages: America's Role in the Technetronic Era

I was involved in this discussion about children and sexual interference, but was blocked by Alternet, which is not really an alternative internet. It is a Zionist globalist operation that failed to take repudiate Zionism. It only repudiates some aspects of Zionism, like Israel's bigotry and Pamela Geller's bigotry. It wants to fix Zionism. But the dark ruler of the world cannot be fixed! Look what it is doing to the children for money.

I feel as though Spack is a Quack, not that he lacks the medical degrees. He is a quack because other experts know he needs to wait until post puberty to deal with these issues. While the puberty blocker does not cause sterilization, phase 2, which is likely socially mandated for a transsexual, will cause sterilization. The puberty blocker is the beginning of the road to sterilization. If it trends it will become an evil form of Eugenics.

Big Pharma is a money maker and stands to profit off of Spack the Quack. And Big Pharma is controlled by the same families that bankrolled Israel and bankrolled Herzl's Wicked Zionism. Big pharma has already convinced parents to drug their children to make them "fit" for school. So, this is just another cash flow stream for them, as Big Pharma seeks to stop puberty for a lot of children.

And this isn't Eugenics that is benign like birth control, but rather is a diabolical way to limit population growth. We will see how that plays out and how many children suddenly become transsexual. I would bet it will be a lot more than we have now. Ca ching Ca ching!


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