I Defended My Antiracist Criticism of Zionism on Business Insider. I Wonder If It Will Be Removed?

 I defended my antiracist criticism of Zionism on Business Insider. I hope it stays but I don't know that it will.

I have been accused of being a racist and a bigot. That is unfair, because I believe Zionism is not Judaism and I criticize the MULTIRACIAL cabal that is Zionist globalism. Even though Joe Biden said you don't have to be Jewish to be a Zionist, people who criticize Zionism as a political cabal are lumped with the racists who hate Jewish people as a whole.

That makes it very difficult to have a reasonable discussion about Zionism as a recent political doctrine invented in the late 1800's as I can't get to first base with some people. The failure to see that Zionism is not Judaism or a race causes people to persecute me unfairly, and more importantly, plays into the hands of bigots and racists on both sides of the issue.

People like Pamela Geller who states she hates all peaceful Muslims gets a pass because she can hide behind free speech as her cause. Judy Mozes can call the President black coffee, and get away with it because we can't say Israel is racist.

The global Zionist cabal is multiracial, but then, Israel is quite racist and bigoted and it needs to be said.

I avoid Stormfront and don't want people who are racist to come around my website. I hate racism and called out others for blaming rank and file Jewish people for Zionist evil. Zionism is real, and a British court ruled that it is not the essence of Judaism and that it is fair game for criticism.

Both Jewish people and non Jewish people need to speak out against Zionism as a political cabal, which includes bankers, neocons like Cheney, liberals like Obama, Biden and Bloomberg, the UK royalty, and much of the media, as well as conservatives like Palin and Ted Cruz. The Washington Post said explicitly that Rick Perry was a Zionist. Look it up.

So, Zionism wants world domination and a Greater Israel, and an Israel as a world power. It has undue influence over both political parties, and sometimes I think it relishes in racism in order to confuse Americans who don't know what Zionism really is. It is like the Zionists want to keep people in the dark, in order to confuse the issue and confuse Americans who don't think critically enough.

Update: The comment stayed on the BI website. That is a small victory for responsible free speech.


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