Henry Blodget Reams CNN for Saying an ISIS Flag was at a Gay Rally

Henry Blodget reamed the Zionist network, CNN, for saying that an ISIS flag was at a Gay Rally, when in fact it was a crude drawing of sex toys. CNN is so looking to stir up trouble and conflict that it has egg on its face and doesn't even know it as of Henry's article.

I don't always applaud Business Insider, but I do for the article exposing CNN and shoddy reporting. I posted a response:

You miss the point, Snow. CNN is a staunchly Zionist (Zionism is not Judaism) website that recommended vacationing in Israel while sirens were going off continually, in the Gaza war. CNN appeared to advocate for that war, and for war against Iran. For every anti war contributor that came on there were many more who were pro war. That also was the case leading up to the near war in Syria over chemical weapons.

Don Lemon is a CNN Zionist. He says he is not a bigot like most Zionists are, but clearly he was not well behaved during the Baltimore riots, wanting a heavy hand of police might coming down hard on the rioters. He sure threw blacks under the bus, in a situation where many witnesses said the students were deliberately provoked by the police of Baltimore, being kept from boarding buses to go home and even pulled off buses so they had to stay at the mall. The police went on to attack the press and otherwise escalate the incidents.

I have no confidence in CNN and really, no one should. The more I watch it, the less confidence I have in it. When it comes to war in the middle east, CNN, Fox and MSNBC appear to me to be on the same page. It is like liberal and conservative differences are buried when it comes to war to help Israel.


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