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Elon Musk's growing empire is fueled by $4.9 billion in government subsidies - LA Times

Elon Musk's growing empire is fueled by $4.9 billion in government subsidies - LA Times

The man who said you will one day have to relinquish your steering wheel completely is being funded with billions through the government. His Space X rocket blew up, and if you buy his stuff he will try to take your steering wheel away, or the steering wheels of your children.

He is a NWO operative, IMO. Beware, America.

Henry Blodget Reams CNN for Saying an ISIS Flag was at a Gay Rally

Henry Blodget reamed the Zionist network, CNN, for saying that an ISIS flag was at a Gay Rally, when in fact it was a crude drawing of sex toys. CNN is so looking to stir up trouble and conflict that it has egg on its face and doesn't even know it as of Henry's article.

I don't always applaud Business Insider, but I do for the article exposing CNN and shoddy reporting. I posted a response:

You miss the point, Snow. CNN is a staunchly Zionist (Zionism is not Judaism) website that recommended vacationing in Israel while sirens were going off continually, in the Gaza war. CNN appeared to advocate for that war, and for war against Iran. For every anti war contributor that came on there were many more who were pro war. That also was the case leading up to the near war in Syria over chemical weapons.

Don Lemon is a CNN Zionist. He says he is not a bigot like most Zionists are, but clearly he was not well behaved during the Baltimore riots, wanting a heavy hand of police…

I Defended My Antiracist Criticism of Zionism on Business Insider. I Wonder If It Will Be Removed?

I defended my antiracist criticism of Zionism on Business Insider. I hope it stays but I don't know that it will.

I have been accused of being a racist and a bigot. That is unfair, because I believe Zionism is not Judaism and I criticize the MULTIRACIAL cabal that is Zionist globalism. Even though Joe Biden said you don't have to be Jewish to be a Zionist, people who criticize Zionism as a political cabal are lumped with the racists who hate Jewish people as a whole.

That makes it very difficult to have a reasonable discussion about Zionism as a recent political doctrine invented in the late 1800's as I can't get to first base with some people. The failure to see that Zionism is not Judaism or a race causes people to persecute me unfairly, and more importantly, plays into the hands of bigots and racists on both sides of the issue.

People like Pamela Geller who states she hates all peaceful Muslims gets a pass because she can hide behind free speech as h…

POTUS Obama Isn't White Enough to Be a Zionist, Lol.

Well, evidently our POTUS, Barack Obama, is not white enough to be a Zionist. A prominent Israeli talk show host and wife of the Israeli interior minister posted a racist tweet about Obama and then deleted it.

She said:

Do you know what Obama coffee is? Black and weak.
Here is the problem. Obama simply isn't white enough in the eyes of the Zionist, Judy Mozes, to be a Zionist.Mozes says Obama is weak, because we don't go to war for Israel with Iran. If that is weak we need more weak.

But she said he is a black cup of coffee. That is racist on any planet and we are not sure which planet Israel inhabits.

And that racist propaganda appears to be forthcoming after Obama hit all the following Zionist goals. [Remember that Zionism is a global, multiracial political cabal that is highly racist in Israel]:

1. He didn't prosecute one bankster. No TBTF bankster went to jail for the housing bubble and resulting credit crash that wiped out the American middle class.

2. He facilitated …

The Continued Wickedness of Israel Is Revealed by Israeli Ambassador Oren

Ambassador Michael Oren has written a terrible book criticizing American leaders for not being obedient enough to the Israeli regime. This is a disturbing book, and certainly the article touting it is disturbing too. This is perhaps the author's, Adam Credo, most disgusting statement:

It [the book] provides a window into the daily stresses and strains Obama and his allies heaped upon the Jewish state — from placing unprecedented demands on Israel regarding the peace process to fabricating crises in the US-Israel alliance.
“Prophecy was not required to foresee that an Obama presidency might strain the US-Israel alliance,” Oren writes in the early pages of his book.

Read more:
But BI commentators fought back. I posted a few reasoned arguments as did others as to why this anti American position was so repulsive. I said at the Business Insider version of the a…

Ex-Italian President: Intel Agencies Know 9/11 An Inside Job

Ex-Italian President: Intel Agencies Know 9/11 An Inside Job

Let us not forget that a man who was an insider when it comes to security, identified the culprits in the 9/11 massacre at the Twin Towers. Americans should take note. We should not forget.

VIDEO: 9/11 was Done by People in our Own Government | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization

VIDEO: 9/11 was Done by People in our Own Government | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization 

It doesn't matter what you think of Farrakhan overall. He spoke the truth and made some hard hitting points in this article. Global Research does not just post up junk.

Two points he made that are amazingly obvious yet, not even discussed.

First, he said there was no way Bin Laden would have known that the very day they picked for the hijackings, there would have been only two fighter jets guarding the entire Northeast.

This lack of protection was due to drills and mock hijackings, although I remember that one plane was followed by a NetJet, owned by Warren Buffett. He also was partying on 9/11 at the very military base where George W Bush landed later in the day.

Only our own government would have known this fact about the lack of fighter jets, making it an inside job. Any other day and these crashed planes would have been intercepted and there would have been no 9/11!


The Zionist Regime and Neoconservative Intellectuals Busted (Part II) | Veterans Today

The Zionist Regime and Neoconservative Intellectuals Busted (Part II) | Veterans Today 

 From the site:
Neoconagents like Chavez are the tips of the iceberg. Serbian writer Srdja
Trifkovich was a visiting scholar at the Hoover Institution, Stanford,
where Thomas Sowell has resided for more than two decades. Trifkovich is
also the author of a number of books on Islam, including The Sword of the Prophet and Defeating Jihad. After
listening to one of Trifkovich’s talks at a conference, E. Michael
Jones pointed out to him during a question-and-answer session, “Srdja,
I would feel the same way about Muslims if I were a Serb, but America
has never had a problem with Islam, and the only reason we have one now
is because of our support for Israel. At that point, you could have
heard the proverbial pin drop, and I knew that the fix was in… “After the official Q and A had ended, Srdja came up to me and said that I was right, ‘but you can’t say that in public.’”[58] Barbarians Inside the Ga…

Perverted Zionists on CNN Want to Change Child Sexuality Before Puberty!

The perverse Zionists on Zionist Don Lemon's show on CNN, were advocating changing the sex of children prior to puberty in order to give them a "happier" life. That is not only perverse, but it is a big money maker. Big Pharma wants to change children into transsexuals, a lot of them.

I posted this at the Yahoo boards, trying to educate parents:

So, we are tolerant of Jenner, but he is an adult. The scientists want a bunch of transgender elementary school kids running around trying to get your kids to be transgender too! It is Big Pharma!
I am tolerant of what adults wish to do with their bodies. This is, after all, America. But these perverts advocating sex change for children are going too far in seeking to stop sexual development in children!

We have the issue of sex being not that important to children, so why change it? We have the issue of pumping children full of cancer causing hormones. We have the issue of confusing children with transgender bathrooms. We have…

Context of 'December 4, 1997: Taliban Representatives Visit Unocal in Texas'

Context of 'December 4, 1997: Taliban Representatives Visit Unocal in Texas'

Gary here:

This offers a complete timeline where the Taliban are armed and textbooks for children are produced encouraging violence against the Russians. Then the Taliban goes to Texas in 1997 to try to seal a deal and then again, along with some Al Qaida, they go to Texas again in 1999, as guests of Enron.

After that the contact is broken and the US invades Afghanistan.  This, of course, is the oil interests at work, Cheney being one, Enron and Unocal also being involved, to get a pipeline to Caspian Sea investments held by Halliburton and George HW Bush.

The involvement of the US is also in keeping with the desire to seek investments in oil for Israel, which the US has been contractually obligated to do. That shows the power Israel has over the USA as a Zionist puppet. 

Of course, the failure to work a deal with the Taliban resulted n Cheney's motivation for 9/11 as I wrote at Business Insider

It Was a Tough Week for the Globalist Zionists: Biden, Gilligan, and Kerry

The globalists had a bad week. They lost two and one was injured. Biden, Gilligan and Kerry all took their lumps. But as you will learn, this is just a minor setback.

Vice Presdient Joe Biden lost his son, Beau Biden, to cancer. You can't get much more NWO than Biden, who outright said he was a Zionist and that you didn't have to be Jewish to be a Zionist. Don't think that he is that far off from Liz Cheney, another Zionist globalist. Read the tweet:

Liz Cheney@Liz_Cheney From the entire Cheney family - our deepest sympathy and heartfelt prayers to the @VP Biden family.
Notice she said from the entire Cheney family. That includes Richard, "Dick" Cheney, maybe the Zionist with the most innocent people killed for his cause.

Of course, the mass media fawned all over the Bidens, saying what a wonderful son and father each was, and how it was such a great loss to the world. 

Then AMX leader, Ed Gilligan, died, unexpectedly, at the relatively young age of 55. The busi…