This Must Be the Plan for Patriots, Love Jews, Tolerate Judaism and Hate Zionism.

The title says it in a nutshell. Patriotic Americans must love Jews as fellow Americans, tolerate Judaism, the ancient religion, as tolerance is taught us by the First Amendment, and hate wicked Zionism.

Wicked Zionism is responsible for most of the ills of the modern world and most of the wars. Judaism says the New Zion will come in peace. New Covenant Christians agree with that. But even if you are not religious, you are a patriotic American and know that Zionism has taken over our nation and hides behind the scenes. Follow the money.

Zionism is multiracial in the world, but not so much in Israel. Zionism is political, and is the danger to America is that we will be the Zionists' arm for war. I urge everyone to understand that Zionism wants war with the Russians, and wants the old Khazaria back.

Americans, please don't let your children sign up for the will of the Zionists. Boycott the military unless our nation is attacked or until we get our nation back from the Zionist cartel.

If you think Zionists are all Jewish, you are mistaken. Here is my small list of non Jewish Zionists, and there are many more including virtually all of congress.

The right thing to do is to understand who it is who has infiltrated the USA. It began long ago, and Obama would have to destroy AIPAC, the British royalty, the Square Mile and most of Israel to get our nation back. That is something no president will do.

So, unless the military protects us from the Zionists, or the Zionist implode somehow, we are headed to an almost certain world war. We now know that Israeli research shows that the Israelis are primarily Khazar and that eastern Ukraine is a big part of the old Khazaria.

How can war be avoided when the Israelis intend to take the Eastern Ukraine from the Russians? Patriots speak out. You must speak out if you love America and your children and grandchildren. 


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