Pam Geller Is Sponsored by Israeli Lobbyists: Luciferian!

You likely will not see CNN or Fox News or any mainstream media telling you this, but Pam Geller is sponsored by Israeli lobbyists. she want a race war or a religious war even though she could care less about Judaism.

I am reminded of the Zionist Spring, which seeks to manifest Zionist values. Well, just what are those values in the light of Pamela Geller? I wrote this to the Zionist Spring, but don't expect a response:

So your movement must like Pam Geller, who is a bigot, right? Certainly Israel is a racist and bigoted nation, so America should be as well right? Well, here is the deal, Zionists don't even follow the Bible. Even the True Torah Jews know that the prophets never commissioned a self avowed unbeliever, David Ben-Gurion, to found a Zion in God's name. The nerve of you people,

Both Jewish and non Jewish Americans are at risk. Jews will be targets because Geller and her followers will set up Jewish people as targets. Non Jewish people will be set up as targets in order to set up a religious war that she foments.

Pamela Geller is an incredibly wicked woman, in my opinion. Read up on Yinon Zionism and regime change and oppression because Geller wants US citizens to look at the world through the eyes of the Zionists.

Zionism is pushing for world domination with war chests full of money. But all I see is regime change and wicked manipulation of world affairs.

That a nation, Israel, would seek to mold the USA into their own bigoted and racist image is just Luciferian. The Zionists disobeyed God when they established the fake Zion, with no authority from the Messiah as foretold by the prophets. Even the True Torah Jews and New Covenant Christians understand that Zionism is utterly wicked.

How much more wicked can you be than seeking wars of bigotry and race? Geller has been sponsored in the past by Hope Winters, who served on the board of the Israel Project, and is a pro Israel lobbyist.

Through regime change Israel and our Neocons acting for them, have destroyed tolerance in the Middle Easts as nominal Christians are slaughtered by Israeli sponsored ISIS. Now Israel seeks to destroy tolerance in America as well.

This is Lucifer or Satan at work!

The Zionist's new websites are sophisticated and promise you a warm and fuzzy place. I assure you they are not warm and Zionism is a killing machine!

Resist Pamela Geller and preserve American tolerance and kindness to every citizen who seeks peace. Please, America, just wake up. 

Pam Geller is being opposed by Christian, Jewish and Muslim groups, who seek tolerance in the United States, the keystone of American success as a nation.

Truth is, if Pamela Geller is the face of Zionism, America will began to turn on Israel and multiracial Zionism once and for all. You can see that Business Insider, for example, ignored the fiasco in Garland, Texas and said nothing, knees trembling.

Here is a list of Zionist websites that are not Judaism, but are political websites set up to suck you in. You can see the spending has been immense on these websites:


Here are Jews against Zionists:


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