My Bank Bashing Hero, Joe Stiglitz, Is a Two Bit Zionist After All: Ukraine

Joe Stiglitz is one of the most dedicated big bank bashers around. He hates the behavior of the bankers. And he has consistently been that way, since he was an insider at the World Bank.

Here is his biography.

But, alas, Joseph was on Bloomberg Video touting the need to do more to free the Ukraine from the Russians. All you have to do is read between the lines. Stiglitz has called for massive intervention in the Ukraine. He has called for America spending more money on a nation that is far, far away.

Joseph Stiglitz has shown himself to be a Zionist, after all. Say it ain'ts so Joe! Say it ain't so.

So, this mole of a man is sent by the New World Order to act like he cares for the American people and hates big bank behavior. He may well be disgusted with big bank behavior. But I always wondered why the Zionists let an insider bash banks like he has.

Perhaps it is paying off, as Stiglitz has the ear of millions of Americans and is respected for taking the side of the average Joe. But what a betrayal it is that he would get the average Joe to support a certain cold war and probably nuclear conflict with Russia?

You lost your marbles, Joe Stiglitz. Yes, technically, Russia violated the deal America and Russia had with the Ukraine. But the Americans bought the revolution that booted the pro Russian lead out! This is well known. I don't hear Stiglitz lamenting that! Peaceful regime change is still regime change. It is still evil that the bankers forced Israel out.

Greg Palast has a lot of information about this Ukrainian situation and if you can get past listening to Alex Jones you should have a listen to Greg.

And I have written on this blog information regarding the Zionists' desire to control the Ukraine, the old Khazaria, both for financial benefit and for the establishment of a Second Israel.

Stiglitz says we had no choice but to impose sanctions. He lies about these "democratic" reforms the Ukraine has made. They are reforms that will cause massive debt in the Ukraine and racism and bigotry.

Tell the truth Joe. You are a black eye like the Black Sox of old. (Shoeless Joe Jackson may have been unfairly accused of throwing games back in 1919. But Joe Stiglitz is throwing the game for America in favor of the Zionists, regarding the Ukraine.) 


Zionism is a very multiracial cabal worldwide, but is very racist and bigoted, with little or no tolerance in Israel itself.  Most American Jews and non Jews are more tolerant than Israel will ever be. We have a better system of life than Israel does.Israel wishes to mold the US into a bigoted nation, so that we will go to war with anyone Zionism chooses.

I support national sovereignty, but not bigoted nationalism. The New World Order of the globalists is not the answer, and is a threat to freedoms.


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