ISIS Is Israel's New Tool for Terror and Maybe Coming to the USA!

ISIS is Israel's tool for terror. ISIS is sponsored by Israel to break up HAMAS in Palestine, and to fight Assad in Syria. Israel has done terror in many places, including the USA, before ISIS was a gleam in Netanyahu's eye.

Israel did the Lavon Affair, the USS Liberty, worked with the CIA to plan 9/11/2001, and now has motive to spread terror into the USA, in order to destroy tolerance in the USA and mold America into the bigoted, racist image of Israel herself.

ISIS has been sponsored by Israel and the USA, however, the US stance on Iran is at odds with Israel. The USA stands with Israel on almost all other evil policy, but not on making war with Iran.

Therefore, there is motive, in the light of the behavior of Israeli lobbyist  sponsored Pam Geller, to seek a religious war in the USA and to set US citizens against peaceful Muslims, which is Geller's stated goal.

While it is not proven, it logically follows that Israel will back up Geller's Islamaphobia beachhead in America. You see the constant statements of possible attacks coming from pro Israel media arms, especially CNN and Faux News. Something is going on that those news outlets know about. They are spending way too much time on this subject, day after day.

They are race baiting against blacks and religious baiting against peaceful Muslims on an almost daily basis.

So don't be surprised if there is ISIS claimed violence in the USA in order to bring America down to the level of Israel in amoral behavior. Remember, the USA bombed ISIS and Israel has not touched ISIS, and the reverse is also true, ISIS has not touched Israel.

Wake up sleepy Americans. Wake up to the root cause of terrorism in the world. Israel wants you to throw aside tolerance, the strength of peace in the nation and seeks hatred from us.

Remember, even HAMAS was sponsored by Israel in the beginning. Israel is a conniving and manipulating friend that is no friend of America.

The sooner Americans realize this, the sooner we will have our nation back. Otherwise, this course of action will end very badly. Read up on Yinon Zionism if you can't see this puppeteering and manipulation on the part of Israel.

I repeat, it is possible that Israel could sponsor violence against the United States in order to make US citizens think like Israelis. As of now, only a minority in the USA are bigots like the Israelis. Most do not hate peace loving Muslims. Pam Geller, sponsored by Israeli lobbyists, has stated that she hates all peaceful religious Muslims. We can only hope that Israel will refrain from this subversion.

But Israel hates Arabs that are Israeli citizens, and the right wing sought to pay them to leave Israel. These aren't Palestinians. They are Israeli citizens.




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