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The American Congress New Pledge of Allegiance

Here is the American Congress' pledge of allegiance, and it is a relatively new, Zionist pledge. Zionism is not a religion like Judaism, but rather is the political and economic force that controls our congress almost 100 percent:

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States by Zionism
and to the Londinium Square Mile through which Israel stands.

Our United States under Satan, with great division, with limited rights and propaganda for all.
That is the pledge of allegiance of our nation's leadership, Congress, the White House and the Supreme Court. If you think these people have primary allegiance to the United States of America, you are sadly mistaken.

See also this Zero Hedge article:

I Pledge Allegiance...

Court rules Rothschild Zionism Is Not Abrahamic Judaism

Examples of Globalization: Court rules Rothschild Zionism Is Not Abrahamic Ju...: A British court has ruled that the Zionism that exists in Israel, supported by the highest ranks of British Jewry, is not Abrahamic Judaism....

New Covenant Theology: A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties by ...

New Covenant Theology: A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties by ...: Gary here:    A few important points. This article and translation talk about antisemitism. Well, my natural father was Jewish and I am ad...

Gary here: Yinon Zionism is proof of the evil intent of regime change. Anyone who wants to understand the Middle East and the world as it is must read this work by Oded Yinon and the comments of Jewish hero translator, Israel Shahak. It is all here readers. Don't be lazy, because Americans need to know why our politicians act the way they do towards Israel and the world.

New Covenant Theology: Biden Attacks Christians Who Hate Zionism Love Tol...

New Covenant Theology: Biden Attacks Christians Who Hate Zionism Love Tol...: VP Joe Biden just attacked Christians for being intolerant merely for having an opinion. It matters not to him if they are tolerant or not ...

My Bank Bashing Hero, Joe Stiglitz, Is a Two Bit Zionist After All: Ukraine

Joe Stiglitz is one of the most dedicated big bank bashers around. He hates the behavior of the bankers. And he has consistently been that way, since he was an insider at the World Bank.

Here is his biography.

But, alas, Joseph was on Bloomberg Video touting the need to do more to free the Ukraine from the Russians. All you have to do is read between the lines. Stiglitz has called for massive intervention in the Ukraine. He has called for America spending more money on a nation that is far, far away.

Joseph Stiglitz has shown himself to be a Zionist, after all. Say it ain'ts so Joe! Say it ain't so.

So, this mole of a man is sent by the New World Order to act like he cares for the American people and hates big bank behavior. He may well be disgusted with big bank behavior. But I always wondered why the Zionists let an insider bash banks like he has.

Perhaps it is paying off, as Stiglitz has the ear of millions of Americans and is respected for taking the side of the average Jo…

This Must Be the Plan for Patriots, Love Jews, Tolerate Judaism and Hate Zionism.

The title says it in a nutshell. Patriotic Americans must love Jews as fellow Americans, tolerate Judaism, the ancient religion, as tolerance is taught us by the First Amendment, and hate wicked Zionism.

Wicked Zionism is responsible for most of the ills of the modern world and most of the wars. Judaism says the New Zion will come in peace. New Covenant Christians agree with that. But even if you are not religious, you are a patriotic American and know that Zionism has taken over our nation and hides behind the scenes. Follow the money.

Zionism is multiracial in the world, but not so much in Israel. Zionism is political, and is the danger to America is that we will be the Zionists' arm for war. I urge everyone to understand that Zionism wants war with the Russians, and wants the old Khazaria back.

Americans, please don't let your children sign up for the will of the Zionists. Boycott the military unless our nation is attacked or until we get our nation back from the Zionist c…

ISIS Is Israel's New Tool for Terror and Maybe Coming to the USA!

ISIS is Israel's tool for terror. ISIS is sponsored by Israel to break up HAMAS in Palestine, and to fight Assad in Syria. Israel has done terror in many places, including the USA, before ISIS was a gleam in Netanyahu's eye.

Israel did the Lavon Affair, the USS Liberty, worked with the CIA to plan 9/11/2001, and now has motive to spread terror into the USA, in order to destroy tolerance in the USA and mold America into the bigoted, racist image of Israel herself.

ISIS has been sponsored by Israel and the USA, however, the US stance on Iran is at odds with Israel. The USA stands with Israel on almost all other evil policy, but not on making war with Iran.

Therefore, there is motive, in the light of the behavior of Israeli lobbyist  sponsored Pam Geller, to seek a religious war in the USA and to set US citizens against peaceful Muslims, which is Geller's stated goal.

While it is not proven, it logically follows that Israel will back up Geller's Islamaphobia beachhead in …

Pam Geller Is Sponsored by Israeli Lobbyists: Luciferian!

You likely will not see CNN or Fox News or any mainstream media telling you this, but Pam Geller is sponsored by Israeli lobbyists. she want a race war or a religious war even though she could care less about Judaism.

I am reminded of the Zionist Spring, which seeks to manifest Zionist values. Well, just what are those values in the light of Pamela Geller? I wrote this to the Zionist Spring, but don't expect a response:

So your movement must like Pam Geller, who is a bigot, right? Certainly Israel is a racist and bigoted nation, so America should be as well right? Well, here is the deal, Zionists don't even follow the Bible. Even the True Torah Jews know that the prophets never commissioned a self avowed unbeliever, David Ben-Gurion, to found a Zion in God's name. The nerve of you people,
Both Jewish and non Jewish Americans are at risk. Jews will be targets because Geller and her followers will set up Jewish people as targets. Non Jewish people will be set up as ta…

Pamela Geller Is a Wicked and Racist and Hateful Zionist

Americans, both Jew and non Jew, are at risk. Pamela Geller is putting at risk our way of life as Americans. Geller is an aggressive Zionist globalist who set up the antiMuslim rally in Garland Texas, which was apparently assaulted by gunmen.

In April 2013, Rabbi Michael White and Jerome Davidson, denouncing Geller as an anti-Muslim bigot, opposed her presentation on Sharia law at a Long Island synagogue, which was eventually canceled due to security concerns.

This article is written to encourage people to quit hating entire races or religions. Tolerance of those we don't agree with is essential to the peaceful and proper functioning of society. Tolerance is what the USA is about!


Pamela is a racist because she hates all Muslims from many sources I have read. That is like an antiZionist hating all Jews. It is wrong. It is racism and it is bigotry, a hatred against all things Muslim.

She says that she only hates political Islam, but her advertizements lend themsel…