Zionist Globalist War Profiteers Bush Family and Reagan's Assassination

The Bush family was likely involved in the JFK assassination as H.W. could not remember where he was on the day of Kennedy's assassination. (He was in Dallas.) And now we find curious circumstances regarding the Bush family regarding the Reagan Assassination attempt.

The smoking gun is revealed at the end of this article, so please read with diligence.

Remember, this is the same Bush family whose most important member, George H.W. Bush, said we live in a New World Order. It was one he helped shape as the assassination of JFK was an attack on sovereignty of our nation by the globalist Zionists and by Texas oil, with LBJ giving the go ahead. Zionism is a political movement, not a religion. And it is multiracial. And it is multiparty.

Anyway, these were found by Killtown conspiracy website, and I will post them here so you can make your own judgement about the Bush family and the Reagan assassination attempt. There is obviously more to this than media would have you believe:

John Hinckley Jr., 25, who was arrested seconds after Reagan was shot in Washington, was being held Tuesday at a Marine base in Quantico, Va.
The corporate statement did not mention any change for Scott B. Hinckley, vice president of operations for Vanderbilt (Hinckley oil company) and brother of John Jr.
The father's move came amid confirmation that the Department of Energy was reviewing Vanderbilt's books. Jack Vandenberg, a DOE spokesman in Washington, said auditors met with Scott Hinckley in Denver on Monday.
The Washington Star quoted an unnamed "White House official" as confirming that DOE auditors asked for an explanation of an overcharge when oil price controls were in effect between 1973 and 1981. The Star said DOE auditors told Scott Hinckley there was a possible penalty of $2 million for the overcharge.

 -- Hinckley's brother was scheduled to have supper with Bush's son the day after the assassination attempt, which struck Blumberg as ''the most remarkable assassination coincidence in the history of this country.''

-- The friendship between the Hinckley and Bush families goes back more than a decade to their shared conquest of the oilfields of Texas.

-- The Hinckley oil company was warned, just hours before the shooting, that it faced a $2-million fine for overpricing oil. The possible charges were never mentioned after Hinckley's attempt.

-- The widely accepted official story that Hinckley was trying to get the attention of actress Jodie Foster was based entirely on a letter that Hinckley was said to have written, but which the public and the media never saw.

 The fact that Neil Bush, brother of George W. Bush, lied about his relationship with Hinckley's brother, Scott, shows the Bush family had something to cover up on that day. And the fact that for 10 years the Zionist globalist media failed to report this, even after Neil Bush was implicated in the Silverado Bank fiasco, shows the assassination came from the top reaches of globalist decision making.

It turns out that tax breaks for big oil were resisted by JFK and he paid the ultimate price for seeking to make the USA sovereign in government.

Big oil and big finance are one. So, when Ronald Reagan also opposed tax breaks for big oil, big oil took over government, and attempted to kill Reagan as well! Big finance and big oil have proved to be killers when their interests are at stake.

With regard to the Reagan assassination attempt, there are numerous studies on the impossibility of Hinckley actually having access to Reagan for a shot to the lung area. You can research that.

But the smoking gun is that Caspar Weinberger, secretary of Defense, stated that not only was there a Norad exercise slated for the day after the assassination attempt, but that there was going to be a FEMA exercise scheduled the next day on Presidential Succession. What? Yep, and James Baker revealed that to the cabinet in the situation room the day of the attempt on Reagan's life.

Obviously, the exercise on succession was cancelled, maybe because there was no succession. Let's put this another way, it is virtually impossible statistically, for a Bush (Neil), to have 1. a planned dinner with the brother of Hinckley the day after the assassination attempt and 2. an exercise based on succession of the president planned on the day after the assassination attempt as well!

Add to this that Bush ruled out conspiracy on the day of the assassination, and you have near certainty that he was involved up to his eyeballs.After all, the lone nut theory doesn't hold, as NBC correspondent, Judy Woodruff, said the shots came from the above floors. Bush had the most to gain from the assassination. Oh, and his New World Order oil buddies had a lot to gain as well.

So, it is far more likely that the Bush family, and the CIA, and FEMA and maybe even NORAD, were involved in the failed attempt to kill Ronald Reagan on the orders of the globalists! It is almost a slam dunk certainty. 

From George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography:

Another eyewitness of these transactions was Don Regan, whom the Tower Board later made the fall-guy for Bush's Iran-contra escapades. Regan records that "the Vice President arrived with Ed Meese, who had met him when he landed to fill him in on the details. George asked for a condition report: 1) on the President; 2) on the other wounded; 3) on the assailant; 4) on the international scene. [...] After the reports were given and it was determined that there were no international complications and no domestic conspiracy, it was decided that the US government would carry on business as usual. The Vice President would go on TV from the White House to reassure the nation and to demonstrate that he was in charge." [fn 15]
As Weinberger recounts the same moments: "[Attorney General Bill French Smith] then reported that all FBI reports concurred with the information I had received; that the shooting was a completely isolated incident and that the assassin, John Hinckley, with a previous record in Nashville, seemed to be a 'Bremmer' type, a reference to the attempted assassin of George Wallace." [fn 16]
Those who were not watching carefully here may have missed the fact that just a few minutes after George Bush had walked into the room, he had presided over the sweeping under the rug of the decisive question regarding Hinckley and his actions: was Hinckley a part of a conspiracy, domestic or international? Not more than five hours after the attempt to kill Reagan, on the basis of the most fragmentary early reports, before Hinckley had been properly questioned, and before a full investigation had been carried out, a group of cabinet officers chaired by George Bush had ruled out a priori any conspiracy. Haig, whose memoirs talk most about the possibility of a conspiracy, does not seem to have objected to this incredible decision.
From that moment on, "no conspiracy" became the official doctrine of the US regime, for the moment a Bush regime, and the most massivew efforts were undertaken to stifle any suggestion to the contrary. The iron curtain came down on the truth about Hinckley.

So, to summarize, here are the events that could not have all happened without Bush involvement:

1. FEMA exercise on presidential succession was planned for the next day as well as Norad exercise.
2. Neil Bush was to have dinner with Scott Hinckley, the assassin's brother, the next day.
3. Judy Woodruff said she heard a shot from floors above the ground level.
4. The Hinckley oil business was to be subject to investigation the day of the assassination.
5. George H.W. Bush immediately moved to declare the shooting a non conspiracy at the situation room. 
6. It had previously been decided to have the VP in charge of the situation room instead of the national security adviser.

You see, Bush won the battle with Alexander Haig, and Haig saw this in the new security document that overruled his wishes. Haig was no hero, but suddenly the VP had situation room control:

 "Partly in an effort to bring harmony to the Reagan high command, it has been decided that Vice President George Bush will be placed in charge of a new structure for national security crisis management, according to senior presidential assistants. This assignment will amount to an unprecedented role for a vice president in modern times. In the Carter administration, the crisis management structure was chaired by Zbigniew Brzezinski, the national security adviser."
That quote was provided by  George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography.

George H.W. Bush's actions paralleled future co-presidential security actions of Richard Cheney, who was, along with the Bush family, involved in the 9/11 Conspiracy.  

To the present: Of course, Sarah Brady died on 4/3/2015, and her husband was shot in the attempted Reagan assassination. Sarah worked for gun control, thinking that was the problem. Indeed, this is a side benefit to the globalists, a result of planned assassination, the globalist agenda to limit guns. "Killing" two birds (actually many birds) with one stone, so to speak, is the goal of assassination.  

See:  http://killtown.911review.org/assassinations/reagan.html#AP/EVERGREEN


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