The Zionist Rats,Toobin, Cooper and CNN Out to Get Baltimore Mayor--Outside Agitators?

The Zionist rats, Jeffrey Toobin, Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon and CNN are out to get the Baltimore mayor and drive a bigger wedge between blacks and whites.

The Zionists (a multiracial cabal of the elite), hate blacks as we have seen by the behavior of Israel and by the behavior of Donald Sterling, who said Israel treats blacks poorly and he didn't see anything wrong with it. Sterling was forced to sell the Los Angeles Clippers based on a history of racist behavior.

They hate the poor and the elite banksters among them skim money of the middle class, causing even more poverty. Black and Hispanic middle classes were hard hit by the toxic lending scam, and resulting credit crisis, of the last decade, a Zionist scam that was imported from the UK Square Mile.

Prices for food and gasoline have been historically high as those profits accrue to the banksters as well. It has been said that 1//2 of the commodity trades are fake, driving up prices. You and I pay for that scam. Poverty increases on US citizens as the elite manipulate the cost of living!

And the Zionists made war in the middle east, nearly bankrupting the United States of America. America makes more war than any other nation on the face of the earth. And Zionism is the motive as our nation is no longer able to make its own decisions apart from the globalists.

But now we find out that the Baltimore student riots that started the violence may have been a set up. Apparently, according to Mother Jones, a teacher witnessed students being pulled off buses by the police at the mall where they catch rides home from school. And others were prevented from boarding the buses.

This is a set up. Think about it The Zionists set this up, and maybe the mayor knew about it or not. And then they criticize the mayor for the riots they set up! The Zionists set up the violence, and then the Zionist news commenters criticized the violence, discrediting blacks in Baltimore, while Obama, an Uncle Tom Zionist (not a Muslim), called them thugs. 

Teacher Meghann Harris said this:

Police were forcing buses to stop and unload all their passengers. Then, [Frederick Douglass High School] students, in huge herds, were trying to leave on various buses but couldn't catch any because they were all shut down. No kids were yet around except about 20, who looked like they were waiting for police to do something. The cops, on the other hand, were in full riot gear, marching toward any small social clique of students…It looked as if there were hundreds of cops.

And Gawker interviewed multiple parents and teachers who said the same things! This was a government setup, by Homeland Security, most likely. This reminds me of the setup that was the Sandy Hook Hoax. All false flags and hoaxes have to be suspect now, as a product of Homeland Security or other madmen in government.

[BTW, I have never understood why there are so many non Jews operating as Zionists. There are many, and many wealthy and powerful folks, who do exactly that. A short list is found at the bottom of this article. Nobody should be a Zionist, by the way. Nobody. It is not a race, nor a religion. It is the face of elite greed and evil in the western world.]

So now we know why people were surprised about the escalation of violence. It was a government setup like what happened in the 60's. Read on, and you will see all about that effort to make peaceful movements into violent ones to sway public opinion away from them. Peaceful movements threaten governments.

Evidently, outside people came in according to the governor to escalate violence. Do they have a cause, that of justice for innocent blacks being hurt at the hands of police officers? Or are they FBI or Homeland Security operatives as discussed further down the page? Either way, the mayor did not want to escalate against the locals.

People need to realize that when he had the governor's ear, CNN uncle tom Zionist Don Lemon refused to ask the governor about the outside agitators.  

The outside agitators, similar to those who started the Isla Vista riots in the 1960's near Santa Barbara, do have the ability to stir things up. Their cause seems more just as every day goes by with more blacks being murdered by police, unless they are government operatives. 

Then their cause is to discredit the cause. I saw the Isla Vista riots firsthand, while attending UCSB and living in Isla Vista, the community adjacent to the university.

The outside agitator tactics are wrong whether established by those with a cause or by government operatives, but peaceful protests seem to do squat. However, peaceful protests over the long term do gain respect for movements and government hates the citizens giving respect to peaceful movements it fears.

Could the outside agitators, ie. Homeland Security, order the mayor to allow riots? Did that happen? 

But I digress. CNN and their Zionists could care less about the locals. And the black Uncle Tom Zionists, from Obama on down, can't control the police or don't seem to want to, even though they are in a position to do so. How about cameras for every cop?

The mayor of Baltimore needs to make cameras mandatory. What are these cities waiting for?

The Zionists in the Federal Government can sell military weapons to the police but they can't afford simple cameras?  

What a scam! And it is intentional, IMO.

And since when can CNN and their Zionists be the ones who are telling us how to govern when the shining example of Zionism, Israel, can't even govern without keeping the Palestinians under occupation for over 60 years. Maybe the Zionists are not as good at governing as it seems.

Maybe they don't know squat and are just racists. Maybe Donald Lemon has forgotten that he is black. Don't forget, Anderson Cooper is ex CIA and his mother is a Vanderbilt. He is elite, no question about it.

If any of those mentioned above think they aren't Zionist globalists they can always contact me. Here is my list of non Jewish Zionists. This is a very short list, but is growing:

And don't forget, as I hinted above, the FBI has a history of seeking to turn peaceful confrontation into violence. And in Ferguson, Homeland Security was spotted sneaking around in the shadows, with professional fires being the result, IMO. Perhaps most outside agitators were government operatives, both in Isla Vista and in the black movement.

So, from Wikipedia we have this shocking revelation that outside agitators at Isla Vista were indeed FBI agents and that Kevin Moran may have been murdered by the government for trying to put out the damn fire:

According to Cril Payne, author of Deep Cover, a history of his career in the FBI, the FBI was very active in Santa Barbara and the charge of "students" that resulted in the burning of the Bank of America was a COINTELPRO FBI operation. Kevin Moran, a student who put out a fire in the temporary Bank of America during a riot in April 1970 was killed by police fire, and during a June 1970 riot Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies ran amok, prompting criticism from even William F. Buckley, Jr., the conservative commentator.[20][21]

It must be noted that the FBI was broken into in 1971 and operation COINTELPRO was discovered and released to the public. That was a very evil program, and attempted to discredit legitimate protest and stir up violence. This is FACT. 

Our government has been moving away from the constitution and becoming more sick in  its dealing with legitimate citizen actions as time goes on. God will exact justice and show no mercy on those government officials who create and perpetuate massive injustice by lies and outside agitation.

One hopes the outside agitators in Baltimore were not agents of the United States government. But we know our government has engaged in false flags and in many evil activities in order to weaken just movements and to discredit them by encouraging violence in the past and in recent times. 


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