Some Jews in Israel Still Believe They Live in Exile!

Some Jews in Israel, who have nothing to do with, nor trust the Zionist state, believe they are still living in exile. And indeed, they have the right to that view based on their understanding of Zionist Israel.

They know Israel is not the promised New Zion spoken of by the prophets.

So, for the Israeli state to make a rule forcing these Jews in exile to serve in the army, is wrong. These Jews are those who were in Palestine for 100 year prior to the Zionists.

Support is building for their cause, as many seek to keep them free from military service. I think their only real choice is to leave the fake Zion.

Now, as a Christian who has Jewish roots, but was adopted, I believe the New Zion is in Christ. But regardless of your religious position, the political rights of these Jews in Israel are important, since the Zion that now exists in Palestine is fake and they know it.

AntiZionists must support all Jews who understand Zionism and the nation of Israel are not authorized by God.

I do not advocate the destruction of Israel but advocate Israelis leaving Israel if they are able to do so if they grow uncomfortable with Zionism.


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