Smoking Gun that the Boston Bombing Was a Zionist Hoax

The Boston Bombing was a Zionist hoax. You have to watch it all, because there are two things that stand out as smoking guns with these poor performances from the crisis actors.

First, frame after frame show the fellow with the legs "blown off" actually having no blood at all coming from his legs or on the ground, until the last frames where suddenly blood was spread around, fake blood.

Second, frame after frame show the black lady getting no blood on her from either herself or the guy with no legs, until the final frame, showing her drenched with blood. This is such a provable fraud, that it is sickening.

Zionists have three motives:
1. Take away the Americans guns or stiffen gun control laws.
2. Make the gun owners hate blacks instead of the government fraudsters.
3. Make Americans hate Muslims.

Conspiracies and control of the media accomplish these goals over time. Anyway, watch it all and you cannot come to any other conclusion that these are frauds and the Boston bombing is an elaborate hoax.

Zionism is a multiracial cabal that seeks world domination and has dominated America for decades. Zionism is not Judaism or any religion, except possibly Satanism. 

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