Of course Israel's Stock Market Is Performing Better than Its Neighbors

Only on CNBC could you see an article so dumb, so filled with propaganda, so pro Israel no matter what the circumstance that caused the scenario, that it must be discarded as pure trash.

Jeff Cox wrote an article bragging about how Israel's stock market is "walloping" the stock markets of its neighbors. The article was a shameless pitch for more investment into Israel. That could work out for investors and it could not work out for investors.

But the root cause of this discrepancy is not just that Israel gets massive money from the US, has used that and big money from the banksters in the western world, in the form of hidden offshore accounts, even from the oligarchs in Russia. That of course would give Israel a big edge in development.

But also, Yinon Zionism has shown us that it was the plan to tribalize the neighboring states, and Israel has done that for years, along with the help of US Neocon Zionists with the support of the AngloZionists of the UK. In fact, many nominal Christians have died at the hands of these tribes engineered by Zionism!

I wrote this in response to Cox's article:

We could cause regime change in Canada, get the French to fight the English, and kick them with our stock market as well. Read up on Yinon Zionism because you will see the plan of regime change. It was Israel's plan to tribalize the west of the Middle East. I don't know if tribalize is a word, but it needs to be in explaining how our neocons and the Zionist globalists and Israel have screwed up the middle east and caused mass eugenics and suffering.

Indeed, we could do the same thing to Canada, theoretically, that Israel has done to its neighbors, and beat the hell out of the Canadian stock market. That is just a make believe example, but you get the point.

Israel has screwed with the neighbors, making them into tribes fighting one another. This is a very evil and wicked way to kill a lot of people. It probably makes the eugenics royalty and the Bush eugenics royal family, proud, the way that killing has become a regular occurrence in the middle east.

The Bush's, their eugenicists, the royals and their eugenicists and the proponents of Yinon Zionism are all one cabal. Yes, and you can explore those ideas more online. But the point is, Israel is wealthy because of some evil actions in the middle east that are simply worthy of great judgement in the end. The wrath of God will one day judge this continual killing of innocent women and children all to make a dollar and exalt Israel like it is some kind of great nation.

Well, it is a bought and paid for nation, the Rothschild project. It is like the movie Trading Places, only the project isn't Eddie Murphy, the project is Israel.

One day it will turn on the royals and the house of Rothschild. One day they all will be taken to account, by God, in His own time, for the killing and endless wars and tribalization in the middle east. Then the bragging will stop.

I guarantee that this will take place, at the return of Christ. Then all the Zionist globalists of all races will be judged even more harshly than the other evil doers. It will happen.

Here is Jeff Cox's Article if you want to see it. 


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