I Posted This About Gun Control on a Blog Called Arc Politics

I posted this at ARC Politics blog. Certainly, Everytown is the newest expression of gun control desire by the elite to disarm Americans:

The United States is controlled by both parties who owe allegiance to Zionist globalism. The multiracial cabal of Zionism has a policy for the Democratic Party, Gun Control and a policy for the Republican Party, Deception of Gun Owners as to who rules them.

So, Sarah Palin, who claims to be for gun rights, is sponsored by Lady Lynn Rothschild and so is Hillary Clinton. The Rothschilds, the wealthiest private family in the world, could care less. The politicians are puppets on a string.

Let us be clear, gun rights is only understood in the context of conspiracy. John F Kennedy supported gun rights as a liberal. He supported a sovereign nation not ruled by the UK elite or by Israel. Gun rights are a liberal position and a conservative position.

But I believe JFK was assassinated by the government with the concent of LBJ. I believe Sandy Hook was a terrible government hoax. I believe that the government is carrying out that which gives gun control advocates power. And you will never hear the gun rights Republicans speak out against the Rothschilds, or the Bloombergs, because they are also Zionists.

Zionism is a global cabal of elite and includes many Jewish people and many non Jewish people. And there are many Jewish people who hate the cabal. But the cabal has silenced the Republicans, and has emboldened some Democrats to push for gun control.

The system is corrupt to the core, and I believe it is already too late, without military intervention against the Zionists, to do anything about it. We are in effect slaves with free speech. That was the plan, to let us have free speech until the plan is fully in place. Then all bets are off.

Some say the globalists are content with how the US is. I think they want more control of the USA, and that they are not finished with their evil deeds and false flags and conspiracies. Thanks for your time.


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