Has Russia Underestimated the Globalist Cabal's Desire for World Domination? Maybe Not!

Has Russia underestimated the globalist cabal's desire for world domination? Perhaps that is the case, although recent developments have shown that Putin's instincts are keen.

Recently, Putin has said that the globalists have been arming rebels within the borders of Russia. The wolf is at the door, Vlad. He seemed genuinely angered and maybe surprised by the audacity of the west. But, as a discussion below shows, there is a push for a Second Israel in the world, almost guaranteeing a long and dangerous war with Russia!

Russia understands the doctrine of regime change and is familiar with Yinon Zionism. Russia knows money is pumped into regimes that have been replaced to then invite in the west. Ukraine pro western politicians took over the nation and now the US is considering soldiers on the ground as trainers. That is a bad idea.

Now we know that Israeli research has determined that Israelis are primarily Khazars. Turns out, Israel wants a Second Israel from Kiev east into Russia itself! Now, Putin has determined to protect Russians in the eastern Ukraine, and now we know it is for good reason.

The Israelis want that second Israel and would turn the Russians into Palestinian-like slaves. We know Israel is sending arms to repel the Russians. Whether Putin knows about the Second Israel is not yet clear, but he certainly knows Russian and Khazar history! The Zionists want Khazaria back!

I wrote a satire piece on cloning of Israel but certainly, the implications are not funny. The Zionists are almost insuring a long and drawn out war with Russia and America always takes orders from the Zionist globalists because that is where the money is. 

If I sound like I am not a patriot, please do not be mistaken. I am a patriot of the USA. But the USA has been in the hands of Zionist globalists and not in the hands of US patriots ever since the assassination of JFK.

I have written about that assassination.

Newsweek Magazine, a Zionist globalist rag, has written that regime change in Russia is necessary. And yet, the US is fighting most of the wars in the world. And Newsweek went on to say that Russia needs democracy. "Democracy" is now a code word for "regime change".

Well, the US has democracy and we have had regime change, in Dallas, Texas in 1963, and we are without a voice when it comes to prying the reins of government from the globalist cabal. FDR and Eisenhower would turn over in their graves.

JFK died trying to keep the nation out of the hands of the globalists.

So, Vlad, you are dealing with crazy madmen. I don't envy you when the US citizenry is mostly blind to the fact that our democracy has been taken away.

Know this, Americans, Russia has been put on alert. and this alert has come from the adverse behavior by the globalists who have taken over our great nation. I support Russian sovereignty because it gives hope to America that we can regain US sovereignty.

Big money will likely not allow that unless events scare the globalists into sharp divisions. The military will have to come to bat for America or our nation will never be sovereign again.

And don't think that Obama is not a Zionist globalist. These are a few proofs:

1.The Pacific Trade Agreement is proof. 

2. Regime change in Libya is proof. 

3. And failure to prosecute the banksters for massive fraud in the housing bubble of the last decade is proof that Obama is a Zionist who happens to disagree with Netanyahu only on the issue of Iran.


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