Frame by Frame Proof Blood Was added to Black Lady After the Bomb

You can see in these four frames, a black lady, a crisis actor. She has a red sweater and a white top and dark pants. In the first three frames, well after the "bomb" had exploded, she has a perfectly clean white shirt. (She is the one to the left in the first three pictures.)

In he third frame, it looks like there is some sort of shrapnel and a bit of blood. But that shrapnel and fake blood was not on her body in the first two frames, and the second frame was the 20th frame photographed. But in the fourth frame, she has blood all over that white top. She looks injured, even dead!

But we know she wasn't injured by any bomb!

This same analysis can be found regarding the man with the legs lost. You can see in the first two frames that there is no blood at all on the ground, or around him, or on the black lady on whom he is resting his supposedly blown off leg!

Make no mistake, the blood was added to these two characters after the bomb smoke had been dispersed and there were people walking around. The black lady's shirt was still snow white.

This bombing was a hoax. The entire event was a hoax, and if anyone was injured, it was done by the government and controlled by the government. The point is, proof that the blood was added later is proof that the government did this deed and controlled the outcome.

This, like the Sandy Hook Hoax, the one with no real tears or red eyes among the actors, is a Zionist hoax set up to control the people through brainwashing and mind control.

I posted this at my last blog post:

Zionists have three motives:
1. Take away the Americans guns or stiffen gun control laws.
2. Make the gun owners hate blacks instead of the government fraudsters.
3. Make Americans hate Muslims.

Conspiracies and control of the media accomplish these goals over time. Anyway, watch it all and you cannot come to any other conclusion that these are frauds and the Boston bombing is an elaborate hoax.

Zionism is a multiracial cabal that seeks world domination and has dominated America for decades. Zionism is not Judaism or any religion, except possibly Satanism.

See more frames at:


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