Dispensationalism and the Support of Israel by Nominal Christians are Waning

I responded through Facebook to an article posted on the Jewish Journal. The article makes the claim that evangelical Christians would welcome a Republican president who would stand unapologetically by Israel.

Well, that may be true, because of the cloud of ignorance cast over these so called Christians due to the doctrine of Dispensationalism. Here was my response to that fact:

More and more evangelical Christian voters are learning that Dispensationalism and Christian Zionism are false religious doctrines. Indeed, even the Jews at the time of the birth of Zionism believed that the Messiah would establish the New Zion, based on the Torah and the Prophets. And many nominal Christians are seeing that this excludes the fake Zion that resides in Palestine currently.

While the numbers can be manipulated, many nominal Christians are finding that CI Scofield and the Dispensationalists do not have a sound doctrine to stand on. They are starting to become antiZionists, opposed to the foundational tenets of the nation of Israel, for good reason.

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