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I Posted This About Gun Control on a Blog Called Arc Politics

I posted this at ARC Politics blog. Certainly, Everytown is the newest expression of gun control desire by the elite to disarm Americans:

The United States is controlled by both parties who owe allegiance to Zionist globalism. The multiracial cabal of Zionism has a policy for the Democratic Party, Gun Control and a policy for the Republican Party, Deception of Gun Owners as to who rules them.

So, Sarah Palin, who claims to be for gun rights, is sponsored by Lady Lynn Rothschild and so is Hillary Clinton. The Rothschilds, the wealthiest private family in the world, could care less. The politicians are puppets on a string.

Let us be clear, gun rights is only understood in the context of conspiracy. John F Kennedy supported gun rights as a liberal. He supported a sovereign nation not ruled by the UK elite or by Israel. Gun rights are a liberal position and a conservative position.

But I believe JFK was assassinated by the government with the concent of LBJ. I believe Sandy Hook was a t…

The Zionist Rats,Toobin, Cooper and CNN Out to Get Baltimore Mayor--Outside Agitators?

The Zionist rats, Jeffrey Toobin, Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon and CNN are out to get the Baltimore mayor and drive a bigger wedge between blacks and whites.

The Zionists (a multiracial cabal of the elite), hate blacks as we have seen by the behavior of Israel and by the behavior of Donald Sterling, who said Israel treats blacks poorly and he didn't see anything wrong with it. Sterling was forced to sell the Los Angeles Clippers based on a history of racist behavior.

They hate the poor and the elite banksters among them skim money of the middle class, causing even more poverty. Black and Hispanic middle classes were hard hit by the toxic lending scam, and resulting credit crisis, of the last decade, a Zionist scam that was imported from the UK Square Mile.

Prices for food and gasoline have been historically high as those profits accrue to the banksters as well. It has been said that 1//2 of the commodity trades are fake, driving up prices. You and I pay for that scam. Poverty incre…

Has Russia Underestimated the Globalist Cabal's Desire for World Domination? Maybe Not!

Has Russia underestimated the globalist cabal's desire for world domination? Perhaps that is the case, although recent developments have shown that Putin's instincts are keen.

Recently, Putin has said that the globalists have been arming rebels within the borders of Russia. The wolf is at the door, Vlad. He seemed genuinely angered and maybe surprised by the audacity of the west. But, as a discussion below shows, there is a push for a Second Israel in the world, almost guaranteeing a long and dangerous war with Russia!

Russia understands the doctrine of regime change and is familiar with Yinon Zionism. Russia knows money is pumped into regimes that have been replaced to then invite in the west. Ukraine pro western politicians took over the nation and now the US is considering soldiers on the ground as trainers. That is a bad idea.

Now we know that Israeli research has determined that Israelis are primarily Khazars. Turns out, Israel wants a Second Israel from Kiev east into R…

What Did Lord Rothschild and David Rockefeller and Superior General Kolvenbach Expect?

Here is a post from the comment section of the Business Insider article about the tragedy off the Libyan coast:

What did Lord Rothschild and David Rockefeller and Superior General Kolvenbach expect when they authorized fifteen years of corrupt war against the Middle East?

Flowers and kittens?

Invading Libya - then using Libya as a forward base for weapons shipping to Syria through Benghazi - that's what creates refugees.

The real problem is that Rothschild, Rockefeller, Kolvenbach, and their friends don't value human life - and in particular the lives of Arab or African refugees. This story would undoubtedly make them happy; they are murderers to the core -but they have spread the hate to the entire world.

It's sad.

Read more:…

Examples of Globalization: Washington Was Behind Ukraine Coup: Obama admits t...

Examples of Globalization: Washington Was Behind Ukraine Coup: Obama admits t...: Washington Was Behind Ukraine Coup: Obama admits that US “Brokered a Deal” in Support of “Regime Change” This article is proof that the...

Gary here: This is from my other blog. Notice that the coup, admitted to by Obama, actually was supported by the Neocon Zionists, but threw the Jews under the bus. It is a right wing government that hates Jewish people. We would do that because we have to take over Russia? This is evil stuff.

Some Jews in Israel Still Believe They Live in Exile!

Some Jews in Israel, who have nothing to do with, nor trust the Zionist state, believe they are still living in exile. And indeed, they have the right to that view based on their understanding of Zionist Israel.

They know Israel is not the promised New Zion spoken of by the prophets.

So, for the Israeli state to make a rule forcing these Jews in exile to serve in the army, is wrong. These Jews are those who were in Palestine for 100 year prior to the Zionists.

Support is building for their cause, as many seek to keep them free from military service. I think their only real choice is to leave the fake Zion.

Now, as a Christian who has Jewish roots, but was adopted, I believe the New Zion is in Christ. But regardless of your religious position, the political rights of these Jews in Israel are important, since the Zion that now exists in Palestine is fake and they know it.

AntiZionists must support all Jews who understand Zionism and the nation of Israel are not authorized by God.

I d…

Frame by Frame Proof Blood Was added to Black Lady After the Bomb

You can see in these four frames, a black lady, a crisis actor. She has a red sweater and a white top and dark pants. In the first three frames, well after the "bomb" had exploded, she has a perfectly clean white shirt. (She is the one to the left in the first three pictures.)

In he third frame, it looks like there is some sort of shrapnel and a bit of blood. But that shrapnel and fake blood was not on her body in the first two frames, and the second frame was the 20th frame photographed. But in the fourth frame, she has blood all over that white top. She looks injured, even dead!

But we know she wasn't injured by any bomb!

This same analysis can be found regarding the man with the legs lost. You can see in the first two frames that there is no blood at all on the ground, or around him, or on the black lady on whom he is resting his supposedly blown off leg!

Make no mistake, the blood was added to these two characters after the bomb smoke had been dispersed and there …

Smoking Gun that the Boston Bombing Was a Zionist Hoax

The Boston Bombing was a Zionist hoax. You have to watch it all, because there are two things that stand out as smoking guns with these poor performances from the crisis actors.

First, frame after frame show the fellow with the legs "blown off" actually having no blood at all coming from his legs or on the ground, until the last frames where suddenly blood was spread around, fake blood.

Second, frame after frame show the black lady getting no blood on her from either herself or the guy with no legs, until the final frame, showing her drenched with blood. This is such a provable fraud, that it is sickening.

Zionists have three motives:
1. Take away the Americans guns or stiffen gun control laws.
2. Make the gun owners hate blacks instead of the government fraudsters.
3. Make Americans hate Muslims.

Conspiracies and control of the media accomplish these goals over time. Anyway, watch it all and you cannot come to any other conclusion that these are frauds and the Boston bomb…

Of course Israel's Stock Market Is Performing Better than Its Neighbors

Only on CNBC could you see an article so dumb, so filled with propaganda, so pro Israel no matter what the circumstance that caused the scenario, that it must be discarded as pure trash.

Jeff Cox wrote an article bragging about how Israel's stock market is "walloping" the stock markets of its neighbors. The article was a shameless pitch for more investment into Israel. That could work out for investors and it could not work out for investors.

But the root cause of this discrepancy is not just that Israel gets massive money from the US, has used that and big money from the banksters in the western world, in the form of hidden offshore accounts, even from the oligarchs in Russia. That of course would give Israel a big edge in development.

But also, Yinon Zionism has shown us that it was the plan to tribalize the neighboring states, and Israel has done that for years, along with the help of US Neocon Zionists with the support of the AngloZionists of the UK. In fact, many n…

Zionist Globalist War Profiteers Bush Family and Reagan's Assassination

The Bush family was likely involved in the JFK assassination as H.W. could not remember where he was on the day of Kennedy's assassination. (He was in Dallas.) And now we find curious circumstances regarding the Bush family regarding the Reagan Assassination attempt.

The smoking gun is revealed at the end of this article, so please read with diligence.

Remember, this is the same Bush family whose most important member, George H.W. Bush, said we live in a New World Order. It was one he helped shape as the assassination of JFK was an attack on sovereignty of our nation by the globalist Zionists and by Texas oil, with LBJ giving the go ahead. Zionism is a political movement, not a religion. And it is multiracial. And it is multiparty.

Anyway, these were found by Killtown conspiracy website, and I will post them here so you can make your own judgement about the Bush family and the Reagan assassination attempt. There is obviously more to this than media would have you believe:

John H…

Dispensationalism and the Support of Israel by Nominal Christians are Waning

I responded through Facebook to an article posted on the Jewish Journal. The article makes the claim that evangelical Christians would welcome a Republican president who would stand unapologetically by Israel.

Well, that may be true, because of the cloud of ignorance cast over these so called Christians due to the doctrine of Dispensationalism. Here was my response to that fact:

More and more evangelical Christian voters are learning that Dispensationalism and Christian Zionism are false religious doctrines. Indeed, even the Jews at the time of the birth of Zionism believed that the Messiah would establish the New Zion, based on the Torah and the Prophets. And many nominal Christians are seeing that this excludes the fake Zion that resides in Palestine currently.
While the numbers can be manipulated, many nominal Christians are finding that CI Scofield and the Dispensationalists do not have a sound doctrine to stand on. They are starting to become antiZionists, opposed to the f…