Vlad Putin's 10 Secrets to Keeping the USA a Sovereign Nation

I wrote a little satire about Mr Putin, who is struggling to keep Russia sovereign in the face of the Zionist globalist onslaught.

Here are Putin's recommendations for keeping the US sovereign:

1. Do not allow dual citizens in government, and that includes US/Israeli and US/UK citizens.

2. Do not allow liar loans to the masses ever again.

3. Produce your own oil but do not export it. You use too much. You need it for your independence.

4. Teach the millennials and those coming after them to be frugal. Let them learn to live multigenerationally, so that they need to borrow less. That drives banksters crazy. Another option is "living small".

5. Teach the people to never trust a banker, especially a private banker.

6. Try to protect the pensions, as the poor and elderly will suffer as the greed of the rich increase. I throw oligarchs in jail, and you give them bonuses there in America. Pensions will drop to poverty levels as the rich screw everyone else, in every which way.

7. Watch out there is not formaldehyde in your furniture. Everything is imported and most goes without inspection and you can't be too careful about the finishes. Those finishes can make you sick.

8. Don't put all your money in the banks, especially the Too Big to Fail private banks, because you may lose it in the next bailout. Remember the Bailins of Cypress, where the depositors lost money. Bailins is a new word. Fix your spell check people!

9. Don't buy a house if you think you need to be nimble while job hunting.

10. Remember that the hot money can leave your real estate scene at any time and leave you underwater, as to house value.

This is satire, of course, but certainly, there could be truth in a lot of it. You can read the entire article here.


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