Two Fellows in the News with Jewish Surnames: Levi Pettit and Andres Lubitz

Wow, there are two guys with possiblyJewish surnames in the news and in both instances, the Jewishness may have been hidden in the reporting. I was thinking that a black or Muslim fellow would have been singled out. So why not Jewish guys? Now, it is possible that they are not of Jewish heritage, but the press has not attempted to even find out.

It is the coverup of ethnicity that is upsetting, and not their actual ethnicity. Let me explain.

Here is the deal, racists will use these issues to blast Jews, as if their race drove them to do these deeds. That is, of course, absurd. Let's look at the details:

First, Levi Pettit apologized for being the fellow leading the racist chant in Oklahoma at the SAE fraternity. In the story I read, his ethnicity was not disclosed. We appreciate the apology, but this guy was a royal jerk. Was he a royal jerk because of race? Well, we know that other races were involved in this chant as well.

So, being Jewish was not the determining factor in his racist behavior.

Second, Andres Lubitz apparently crashed the Germanwings passenger jet on purpose. His ethnicity was kept from the press by Lufthansa. His surname is Jewish but could be German. No one knows about his religion, but it could be that his ethnic background is Jewish.

I want to make two points about the situation we face:

1. Racists who hate these men based on race can go straight to hell without passing Go. I have seen many racist statements posted in comment sections of articles from the main stream press, especially concerning Mr Lubitz.

2. The press needs to be upfront with reporting and finding out ethnicity, because they do it with Muslims and blacks and everyone else under the sun. They may as well do so with Jewish evildoers. 

It is time that we as a nation be aware of ethnicity but not use it as an excuse to fall into racism. This is not rocket science people!

Hiding ethnicity selectively implies favoritism to one race. But using the knowledge of ethnicity to bash people due to race or ethnic heritage is evil as well.

The Europeans may be more guilty of this racist behavior than people in the USA. For example, it makes no sense to carry out attacks on Jewish people in Europe because of the actions of Israel. Israel thinks it speaks for Jewish people but it doesn't. Jewish people should not let Israel, a Zionist entity, speak for them.

After all, Zionism and Judaism have nothing in common. Zionism established Israel by force. Judaism says that the New Zion would come in peace and by the Messiah. That is what the Torah and the prophets say.

So, Jews who let Zionism speak for them are making a grave mistake. And many Jewish people understand this.

And the non Jews who hate Zionism should respect Jews who have nothing to do with Zionism and not assume that they do. Even holocaust victims and their relatives came out against the war with Gaza, knowing that children were being killed unjustly.

It turns out many of the children killed were not in any way human shields as the Israelis claimed. And this occupation of the Palestinians must stop because the land was stolen in the first place. Even Haaretz said over 600 thousand Palestinians were removed or fled from the violence of the Plan Dalet in 1948.

So, yes, there are hard feelings once people find out about the atrocities of the Zionists against the Palestinians. Tensions are high. But two wrongs don't make a right. 

Respect people as individuals, and understand this is a learning process for all of us. We know hating an entire race is not right. We know some in every race are capable of great evil.

Many Zionists are anglos and European, but not Jewish. Here are just a few: Richard Cheney, the royals in the UK, the Mellons, the Morgans, and the Rockefellers. (I believe the Rockefellers are German by ancestry, not Jewish)

We need to call those people out as well as their Jewish counterparts, the Rothschilds Warburgs, Bloombergs, and other big financial and political evildoers (my opinon), without falling into racial hatred. It is hard to do, but it is the only right way.

Here is my list of non Jewish Zionists. This list is based on my opinion only, but if you search the net and study the individuals, you can find strong reasons for all these to be included. 


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