Michael Douglas Makes Common Error of Confusing AntiSemitism with AntiZionism

Michael Douglas, in his discussion of AntiSemitism against his son, fails to comprehend the distinction between AntiSemitism and AntiZionism. Mr Douglas, whose son is Jewish, fails along with the majority of Jews of our day to see that AntiZionism is a legitimate political statement, while AntiSemitism is not.

AntiZionism is simply a political stance opposed to the nation of Israel, its failure to establish justice for the occupied Palestinians, and opposed to worldwide Zionism, which has sought regime change through the Ziionist Neocons here in the United States.

Those Zionist Neocons include Dick Cheney, the Rockefellers, and myriads of non Jewish people, along with elite Jewish people. Many Jewish people still understand that Judaism is fulfilled by Messiah establishing the New Zion according to the Torah and Prophets. But they make up a distinct minority.

The star of David is a symbol that should not have the name, David, King David, attached to it. The Israeli nation, which adopted the symbol created by the father of Zionism, Herzl, has no derived legitimacy from the holy history of the Hebrew state under the Old Zion regime. Judaism acknowledges this history, while Zionism seeks gain from this history that it has no legitimate right to gain.

Truth is, the star of David was never a uniquely Jewish symbol!

Of course, Christians believe the Messiah was Christ, and only a few descendents from the Jews believe in the superiority of the New Zion in Christ. But Judaism itself, historically stands opposed to Zionism in its appreciation of the needed messianic role in the establishment of a New Zion.

So, one could say that the Israeli Zion is as fake and phony as the Zion of Salt Lake City, Utah. Christian Zionism and Mormon Zionism have misinterpreted the plain truth of the old scripture.

And Michael Douglas has fallen for that misinterpretation. But the Jewish people of the late 1800's knew that Zionism was a fraud, an affront to the old scripture. Their descendents need to gain understanding of that very truth today.

One can certainly oppose the reckless and hurtful insults hurled at Douglas's son, as a normal and concerned person would explain his position instead of appearing to be racist. That is what antiZionists must oppose, the appearance of racism. Many Europeans have failed to understand the truth about this issue. Some are blind in their thinking, and some are just plain racist.

Fortunately, there are fewer Americans who have racist darkness in their opposition to Zionism.

 Racism and antiSemitism are ugly and evil.  But the truth about Zionism gives understanding and patient discussion is the only way forward.


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