Finally a Magazine Online by Jewish People who Are Tired of Israeli Injustice!

I urge people to visit the above link, to support the +972 cause as it is constituted presently. Things have a way of changing but these folks have been engaged in waking up their Jewish brethren to speak out against Israel for years.

At this point, I don't know whether they understand the distinction between anti Zionism and antiSemitism, but at least they are speaking out against the policies of Israel. It is a beginning.

Their commitment is obvious and they should be supported for their efforts. If you can donate, the waking of Jewish people against Israeli policy will continue. For some that is not enough, and they should be antiZionist in some way. Certainly, they should, but this is a start. I will try to explain the reason they should not support Zionism as a political movement, even if they live in Israel.

Left wing Zionists are still Zionists, and we need to work on that with them.

The cofounder of +972, Noam Sheizaf, chided US Jewish left wing Jews for lack of discussion of the recent Gaza War. That is a good development.


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