Fernand St. Germain and Ronnie Raygun Pushed Adjustable Mortgages Into Law in 1982

The Zionists have had a lot of help over time. Fernand St. Germain was head of the House Banking Committee. He passed a terrible law, signed by Ronald Reagan, that was basically an attack upon the citizens of the United States. That law was the Garn-St. Germain Depository Institutions Act that allowed adjustable and liar loans.

The law spawned the Savings and Loan Crisis, and of course, it was essential to the bigger housing bubble and credit crisis of this century.

I am always amused or alternately angry at the idea that the name of this act should have been called the Liar Loan Act, or the Easy Money Adjustable Mortgage Act. But when you want to hide the truth from the American People, you call it the Depository Institutions Act.

Reagan had no clue, and destroyed sovereignty of the nation by giving banksters sovereign power over the nation. What a putz of the highest order. I wish he had lived to see the housing bubble and credit crisis of this century, work that he helped create by allowing easy money mortgages.

Reagan helped destroy the middle class with this brand of Thatcherism, and unfortunately didn't live long enough to see the debacle unfold. Ronnie Raygun was a nickname of Ronald Reagan, used to show he was a sort of superman, standing up to the Soviet Union and causing the Berlin Wall to fall. But really, what did it fall to?

East Germans have prospered because Germany made liar loans to the PIIGS nations. Germany doesn't just make stuff, it makes bad loans. The only difference between Germany and the US is that Germany doesn't allow the easy money toxic loans to be doled out to German citizens. I guess that is something.

But the failure of communism has not exactly ushered in the success of capitalism, which is plagued by the destruction of mainstreet, and by the destruction of fairness. In other words, government has been hijacked by bankster terrorists, who don't use explosives, because they don't have to.

Ronnie Raygun is a tarnished hero, and the Garn-St. Germain Depository Institutions Act is proof of that. 


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