Driverless Cars Are Funded and Promoted by Zionist Globalism to Take Away Your Freedoms

There is nothing that a Zionist Globalist hates more than people who can drive where they want to. It is almost as bad as people saying what they want to, arming themselves, and rejecting the main stream media, which wants us to point our guns against the blacks, if we are armed.

Political parties don't matter that much, except that the Republicans are potentially a bit more dangerous because they want war more. But parties aren't the issue. They are all Zionists. When you see globalist websites like Business Insider, where I used to contribute over 60 articles, promoting a cashless society, or driverless cars, or bitcoin, you can almost be sure that they have the green light and maybe some funding from the powers that be, from the Zionist globalists. Now, that is my opinion only.

And yet, this is what do I know: a BI editor told me once that my articles were too harsh toward the bankers. That was a big red flag. 

Henry Blodget started out with a conscience, it appears to me that he has decided to ditch it. Money talks? Could be. To be fair, where these technologies and economic ideas screw up, Henry will report it. But the blocking of truthful comments at that website is proof that BI wishes to brainwash the readers and crush dissent.

Anyway, driverless cars are big with BI and all the inside business rags. They are gobbled up by the techie young people, in theory at least. But then Elon Musk, a possible Zionist globalist wanna be and owner of Tesla, stated it would be illegal to drive a car in the future.

Musk said:
It's too dangerous. You can't have a person driving a two-ton death machine.
That is just disgusting to say. How better to control the US population than to take the car steering out of their hands. That is just too much freedom to give up. We need to stop this and boycott all of this tech stuff, because it is progress towards totalitarianism.

I am a liberal for gun rights. But they won't have to take your guns if they can control where you can drive.

You don't have to be Jewish or have Jewish roots to be a Zionist globalist. Zionism is not Judaism. Get Joe Biden to explain it to you. 

But far as Musk is concerned, Jewish Virtual Library states he has Jewish roots through his Dutch ancestry. Now, I have Jewish roots as an adopted guy into a Gentile family. But I didn't say it would be illegal to drive a car. That statement makes the guy suspect, dangerous, and a threat to freedom. He could be a globalist wanna be.

Technology may not get that far, but if it does, you better fight for your freedom to drive a car. 

Seems that Elon has tweeted a retraction to the illegality of driving cars. But we need to keep an eye on the thought, because it is ideas that make or break freedom long after the thinkers are gone.


  1. Wow, you sir are a useless twit. You're like the idiot who screams the sky is falling.

  2. Hey, Derek, I didn't threaten to make cars illegal, pal.

  3. You and your article are disgusting !
    We are not "gentiles" you fucking moron. We, are Greek, we are Aryans, we are Germanic, etc., etc., we are WHITE . . . And so is Elon Musk, you jewry khazarian mafia FILTH !!!

  4. Hey, I don't care what you are. Your evil words judge you before God.


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