C.I Scofield and Christian Zionism. The Evil That Engulfed the Western World.

There is a great treatment of Christian Zionism and Scofield's role in it. While Scofield popularized Christian Zionism, and you cannot be a Christian and a Zionist at the same time, the doctrine came from the Jesuits.

Scofield's Reference Bible was published by Oxford Press, an arm of the financial elite. I wrote about dispensationalism here:

Therefore when Jesus perceived that they were about to come and take Him by force to make Him king, He departed again to the mountain by Himself alone. -John 6:15
People misuse the law of Moses because they do not understand grace.

Dispensationalism is a new form of elemental religion. Where Covenant Theology was the old form of elemental practice and doctrine, dispensationalism is the new kid in town. However, this does not make Dispensationalism any less evil. Dispensationalism is no less a false gospel than is Covenant Theology. Dispensationalism posits that Jesus intent was to offer an earthly kingdom to the Hebrews. By ignoring John 6:15, they infer that this kingdom is yet to be offered because of the death of Christ, and that there are two purposes of Christ in history, one for the church and the other for the Hebrews. This doctrine of course is a faithless and elemental lie.

 Of course, the obvious error in this literalist interpretation of prophesy is that it does not honor the interpretations of the apostles of the Lord. The second obvious error is that it reintroduces elemental religion and an earthly kingdom for Israel. Paul said that if we build again what has been destroyed we are transgressors. (Gal 2:18)

The modern sovereign but non-sacral nation of Israel was funded and establish by the Rothschilds, not the Messiah. It is not a sign that Dispensationalism is correct! In point of fact, the prophets said Zion would be established in peace and by God. The Israel that exists today is not holy, and it is not a Zion. It is a fake Zion. Dispensationalists want to reestablish a separate historical promise for a nation that no longer exists as a holy nation. This makes dispensationalists transgressors of Christ! See this truth about the Daniel 70 weeks as an example.

Certainly this must be a conspiracy, to hijack Christianity for support of the Zionist atheist cause. The article first cited above has this conclusion:

A grand plan?  This story --  the creation of a politically malevolent, theologically fraudulent, and tremendously popular and influential  new religion --  has the appearance of a grand conspiracy operating across continents and over a time span of a century.  Initiated by a Jesuit masquerading as a Jew, the plot gets an endorsement from the world of occulted spiritualism, crosses the Atlantic and takes root in America, and becomes a major propaganda darling of Zionist and American industrialist interests.
While it is tempting to argue that Christian Zionism is simply a (successful)  attempt by Zionists to hijack American Protestantism for their own political purposes, this theory does not explain the complicity of so many other factors.  More than likely, if this represents a coordinated conspiracy, the Zionists could be playing a role designed for them by the Anglo-American elites, represented in this story by contributors such as Oxford Press and the Union Oil fortune.
We must also consider the possibility that this coordination may be illusory, a more or less coincidental result of actions taken by independent individuals and societies, each choosing to participate in the drama because of distinctive goals and needs.  But regardless of whether these machinations are covertly organized across time and space, or whether they occur in spontaneous self-organization, their thoroughly fraudulent nature is unmistakable.  By this mechanism, the humble, naive piety of the average citizen is harnessed to the goals of the psychopathic tendency of the elite classes.

The age old question relating to the connection between the anglo elite in the UK and the Zionists is expressed in the above quote. My take is that the AngloZionists are joined at the hip. One cannot exist without the other. Kabbalah and the occult are tied to each other as well. Neocon Zionists are tied to big oil.

But that is for another article. Truly, Scofield has done and continues to do great damage to the truth, even from the grave. 


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