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Finally a Magazine Online by Jewish People who Are Tired of Israeli Injustice!

I urge people to visit the above link, to support the +972 cause as it is constituted presently. Things have a way of changing but these folks have been engaged in waking up their Jewish brethren to speak out against Israel for years.

At this point, I don't know whether they understand the distinction between anti Zionism and antiSemitism, but at least they are speaking out against the policies of Israel. It is a beginning.

Their commitment is obvious and they should be supported for their efforts. If you can donate, the waking of Jewish people against Israeli policy will continue. For some that is not enough, and they should be antiZionist in some way. Certainly, they should, but this is a start. I will try to explain the reason they should not support Zionism as a political movement, even if they live in Israel.

Left wing Zionists are still Zionists, and we need to work on that with them.

The …

The New Antisemite: Ukraine: Jew attacked and told "get out of town an...

The New Antisemite: Ukraine: Jew attacked and told "get out of town an...: Via Yiddish News and CursorInfo : Alexander Dukovski, a Jewish doctor, was beaten up by 3 masked men shouting antisemitic slogans at him...

Gary here: This is my response to this article. Please, Jewish people, realize that Zionism and neoconservatism cannot speak for you!

It is my understanding that Kharkiv is controlled by the Ukraine
government, not the Russian backed rebels. It is also my understanding
that there are antiSemites in the Ukraine government. It makes you
wonder if Neocons who caused the revolution in Kiev wanted to throw Jews
under the bus. Zionists have a record of doing this to the Jewish
population. Don't let Israel or Zionism speak for you, Jewish people!
See also this great work done by Washington's blog on the ethnic cleansing and danger to Jewish people in the Ukraine:…

The New Antisemite: Germany: Swastika drawn on Jewish cemetery gate

The New Antisemite: Germany: Swastika drawn on Jewish cemetery gate: Via Watch: Antisemitism in Europe : The gate of the Jewish cemetery of the city of Osterburg got twisted and a swastika was drawn. Pol...

Gary Here: This is thug speech, and is intimidating racism and should cease.

Shocking Photos and Article Showing Carnage in Palestinian Gaza

Please don't anyone tell me that innocent children did not die in droves in the Gaza War. They did. The issue then is that the occupation is wicked and has always been wicked. To say there is not an occupation is to deny the obvious. I hope justice comes for these people but I am not expecting justice for the Palestinians.

The article has pictures that show Israel was capable of very wicked acts and the UN should make Israel pay. However, clearly, Israel won't pay because the USA is cowardly and cannot go in its own direction. Israel and the Zionist movement worldwide, is unjust, unwilling to let go of US foreign policy, and is wicked to the core. To the core.

Two Fellows in the News with Jewish Surnames: Levi Pettit and Andres Lubitz

Wow, there are two guys with possiblyJewish surnames in the news and in both instances, the Jewishness may have been hidden in the reporting. I was thinking that a black or Muslim fellow would have been singled out. So why not Jewish guys? Now, it is possible that they are not of Jewish heritage, but the press has not attempted to even find out.

It is the coverup of ethnicity that is upsetting, and not their actual ethnicity. Let me explain.

Here is the deal, racists will use these issues to blast Jews, as if their race drove them to do these deeds. That is, of course, absurd. Let's look at the details:

First, Levi Pettit apologized for being the fellow leading the racist chant in Oklahoma at the SAE fraternity. In the story I read, his ethnicity was not disclosed. We appreciate the apology, but this guy was a royal jerk. Was he a royal jerk because of race? Well, we know that other races were involved in this chant as well.

So, being Jewish was not the determining factor in hi…

Vlad Putin's 10 Secrets to Keeping the USA a Sovereign Nation

I wrote a little satire about Mr Putin, who is struggling to keep Russia sovereign in the face of the Zionist globalist onslaught.

Here are Putin's recommendations for keeping the US sovereign:

1. Do not allow dual citizens in government, and that includes US/Israeli and US/UK citizens.

2. Do not allow liar loans to the masses ever again.

3. Produce your own oil but do not export it. You use too much. You need it for your independence.

4. Teach the millennials and those coming after them to be frugal. Let them learn to live multigenerationally, so that they need to borrow less. That drives banksters crazy. Another option is "living small".

5. Teach the people to never trust a banker, especially a private banker.

6. Try to protect the pensions, as the poor and elderly will suffer as the greed of the rich increase. I throw oligarchs in jail, and you give them bonuses there in America. Pensions will drop to poverty levels as the rich screw everyone else, in every which wa…

Examples of Globalization: Were collateralized debt obligations (CDO) respons...

Examples of Globalization: Were collateralized debt obligations (CDO) respons...:  Harry Reid and the Republicans passed a Bankruptcy Bill that Investopedia says ultimately hastened the destruction of the CDO's. Once the people with toxic loans could no longer file bankruptcy and save their houses, the banks got the houses back. This is no doubt a conspiracy and Harry Reid either didn't get it or he was in on it. This was Wicked Zionism in action as the middle class was nearly destroyed and the poor were decimated.

World Trade Center Building 7 Demolished on 9/11? - 9/11 History Made in Danish High Court

World Trade Center Building 7 Demolished on 9/11? - 9/11 History Made in Danish High Court

We know that Mossad and the CIA were involved in the 9/11 conspiracy. The World Trade Center evidence for the false flag was presented successfully to the Danish high court. Hopefully enough people in the world will be outraged at the false flag that arrests are finally made and Israel and our CIA are held accountable.

C.I Scofield and Christian Zionism. The Evil That Engulfed the Western World.

There is a great treatment of Christian Zionism and Scofield's role in it. While Scofield popularized Christian Zionism, and you cannot be a Christian and a Zionist at the same time, the doctrine came from the Jesuits.

Scofield's Reference Bible was published by Oxford Press, an arm of the financial elite. I wrote about dispensationalism here:

Therefore when Jesus perceived that they were about to come and take Him by force to make Him king, He departed again to the mountain by Himself alone. -John 6:15

People misuse the law of Moses because they do not understand grace.

Dispensationalism is a new form of elemental religion. Where Covenant Theology was the old form of elemental practice and doctrine, dispensationalism is the new kid in town. However, this does not make Dispensationalism any less evil. Dispensationalism is no less a false gospel than is Covenant Theology. Dispensationalism posits that Jesus intent was to offer an earthly kingdom to the Hebrews. By ignor…

Fernand St. Germain and Ronnie Raygun Pushed Adjustable Mortgages Into Law in 1982

The Zionists have had a lot of help over time. Fernand St. Germain was head of the House Banking Committee. He passed a terrible law, signed by Ronald Reagan, that was basically an attack upon the citizens of the United States. That law was the Garn-St. Germain Depository Institutions Act that allowed adjustable and liar loans.

The law spawned the Savings and Loan Crisis, and of course, it was essential to the bigger housing bubble and credit crisis of this century.

I am always amused or alternately angry at the idea that the name of this act should have been called the Liar Loan Act, or the Easy Money Adjustable Mortgage Act. But when you want to hide the truth from the American People, you call it the Depository Institutions Act.

Reagan had no clue, and destroyed sovereignty of the nation by giving banksters sovereign power over the nation. What a putz of the highest order. I wish he had lived to see the housing bubble and credit crisis of this century, work that he helped create…

Examples of Globalization: Formaldehyde Was Dangerous in Furniture. Now We Ha...

Examples of Globalization: Formaldehyde Was Dangerous in Furniture. Now We Ha...:

When I was contributing to Business Insider, I wrote an article about how your furniture could be making you sick thanks to globalization. Now we have class action lawsuits centered around flooring. And there is more...

Michael Douglas Makes Common Error of Confusing AntiSemitism with AntiZionism

Michael Douglas, in his discussion of AntiSemitism against his son, fails to comprehend the distinction between AntiSemitism and AntiZionism. Mr Douglas, whose son is Jewish, fails along with the majority of Jews of our day to see that AntiZionism is a legitimate political statement, while AntiSemitism is not.

AntiZionism is simply a political stance opposed to the nation of Israel, its failure to establish justice for the occupied Palestinians, and opposed to worldwide Zionism, which has sought regime change through the Ziionist Neocons here in the United States.

Those Zionist Neocons include Dick Cheney, the Rockefellers, and myriads of non Jewish people, along with elite Jewish people. Many Jewish people still understand that Judaism is fulfilled by Messiah establishing the New Zion according to the Torah and Prophets. But they make up a distinct minority.

The star of David is a symbol that should not have the name, David, King David, attached to it. The Israeli nation, which adop…

Driverless Cars Are Funded and Promoted by Zionist Globalism to Take Away Your Freedoms

There is nothing that a Zionist Globalist hates more than people who can drive where they want to. It is almost as bad as people saying what they want to, arming themselves, and rejecting the main stream media, which wants us to point our guns against the blacks, if we are armed.

Political parties don't matter that much, except that the Republicans are potentially a bit more dangerous because they want war more. But parties aren't the issue. They are all Zionists. When you see globalist websites like Business Insider, where I used to contribute over 60 articles, promoting a cashless society, or driverless cars, or bitcoin, you can almost be sure that they have the green light and maybe some funding from the powers that be, from the Zionist globalists. Now, that is my opinion only.

And yet, this is what do I know: a BI editor told me once that my articles were too harsh toward the bankers. That was a big red flag. 

Henry Blodget started out with a conscience, it appears to me …