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Zionist Obama Crime Continues. Violent Crime Down but Mass Shootings Up?

Zionist Barack Obama is pulling the wool over the eyes of Americans just another time. Violent crime is way, way down, and yet mass shootings are way way up. Makes no statistical sense. And no, Zionism is not Judaism, but is a political doctrine and cabal seeking world domination.

Crime is down in America under Obama. The reason mass shootings are up is because most are fake and some are murderous false flags. And murders from mass shootings under Obama went from an average of less than 20 to 162? it isn't up just by a little bit. With crime down, this MAKES NO SENSE.

Mass Shootings under the Last Five Presidents:

Ronald Reagan: 1981-1989 (8 years) 11 mass shootings
Incidents with 8 or more deaths = 5
George H. W. Bush: 1989-1993 (4 years) 12 mass murders
Incidents with 8 or more deaths = 3
Bill Clinton: 1993-2001 (8 years) 23 mass murders
Incidents with 8 or more deaths = 4
George W. Bush: 2001-2009 (8 years) 20 mass murders
Incidents with 8 or more deaths = 5
Barrack H. Obam…

So,Why Is the US Involved in Syria?

A congresswoman from Hawaii is skeptical regarding Syria's use of gas, and Seymour Hersh has said the rebels in Syria have gas. Maybe the Syrian warplanes bombed a rebel gas factory. Who knows?

So, why do we get entangled in the war in Syria, now with groups on the ground? We do it for Israel. And it is wrong. Notice Israel just posted that it will continue to treat the wounded rebels and those hurt by the Assad government. Israel funded ISIS, in my opinion.

The Youtube video showing McCain saying he was for the bombing of ISIS has been tampered with, now showing his opposition to ISIS. But I saw the video with my own eyes. McCain always supported ISIS.

Our government ultimately wants a pipeline through Syria. That is what this involvement is all about, besides the regime change doctrine of Oded Yinon which showed Israel wanted the leaders of Syria removed as far back as the early 1980's. You…

A Zionist Caught Terrorizing Jews?

This article was set to be published by me. I am publishing it anyway, with the following caveat:

This 19 year old young man may just be sick. He has a tumor, reportedly. He reportedly threatened Israeli institutions as well. If all this is true, he is a confused person. Do I still believe he is a Zionist, from a southern Israeli city? Of course I do. But was his mission to help Israel in keeping with what many Zionists desire?\ Or was his motive simply to lash out at all Jews everywhere? I don't know the answer until we find out more.


A 19 year old dual citizen of Israel and the United States, a likely Zionist, has been caught making hurtful bomb threats against Jewish centers in the United States. I have been warning about Zionists who seek to get Jews to move from other nations to Israel out of fear. I have been warning, mostly to deaf ears, that Zionists want to dominate Jewish populations out of Israel. 
While not all Zionists are milita…

Israel Imprison's Palestinians: Outed by Heroine Weir

Our hero Alison Weir outs the Israelis in their efforts to keep people with opposing views out of Palestian areas as wells as out of Israel. This totalitarian rule also keeps the Palestinians prisoners. Four million people are trapped by Israel. This is inhumane.

One can only be ashamed of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and all of congress for selling out to Israel and letting this occupation continue year after year, for over 60 years. It is in a word, disgusting.

I am a Hebrew by DNA testing. I hate everything Zionism stands for, including this wicked occupation. It has to end. It will end one day, and it won't be on Israeli's terms. God will end it.

In the meantime, Israel builds up the wrath of God against itself. From the website of Alison Weir is her plea to Israel:

I want to go to Bethlehem and Nablus, Ramallah and Hebron, Jenin and Tulkarem. I hope to return to Khan Yunis, Rafah, Gaza City, and numerous other towns and villages in the West Bank and Gaza.
In other words, …

White Supremacist Frightens Church and Damages Synagogue

White Supremacist Stuart Wright is alleged to have committed a hate crime against a Synagogue after threatening a church with unusual behavior.

Folks, this stuff has got to stop. This plays into the hands of people like Steve Bannon and even Israel, which gets people to move to that nation on the heels of antiSemitism. And the fact is, I cannot rule out Israel's complicity in this antiSemitism. That nation stands to benefit by people afraid to live in France, and maybe in the USA too! This is awful.

The reason I cannot rule out Israel is because Ihor Kolomoyskyi, a billionaire Ukraine/Israel dual citizen, wants this turmoil too. Only, he wants Jews to meld with Nazis to fight Muslims. This has been reported and is a dangerous and odious concept from the depths of Zionism.

Israel could speak out against Kolomoyskyi, but why should the racist and bigoted nation want to do that? If they do I will be the first to apologize.

But this constant effort on the part of Israel to seek a fus…

Christians:Religious Freedom to Criticize Israel

Christians have a religious freedom of expression to criticize Israel. We have the right to say Israel is a fake Zion, that it was established against the pronouncements of the prophets of God and that it oppresses the Palestinians. In fact, efforts to take away the voice of Christians to oppose the existence of Israel as a Zionist state by lumping any of us in with racist antiSemites amounts to SLANDER.

First, Israel is that fake Zion, because the real Zion is invisible, established by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Second, the prophets said the New Zion would be established by the Messiah in Peace. Well, even the True Torah Jews, who so far reject Christ and are prayed for daily, know that the fake Zion was established by means other than those prophesied. That is important. It is crucial to following God. And most so called Christians don't even get it. They think Israel is holy, and it is most assuredly not!

Third, the Palestinians owned their land. It was taken awa…

My Jewish Roots in Turkey by DNA

Here is my Ashkenazi, Romanian Jewish and Turkish Jewish connection on MDLP Admixture:

Personal data has been read. 20 approximations mode.
Gedmatch.Com MDLP K23b 4-Ancestors OracleThis program is based on 4-Ancestors Oracle Version 0.96 by Alexandr Burnashev.
Questions about results should be sent to him at:
Original concept proposed by Sergey Kozlov.
Many thanks to Alexandr for helping us get this web version developed.

MDLP K23b Oracle Rev 2014 Sep 16

Admix Results (sorted):


Finished reading population data. 620 populations found.
23 components mode.


Least-squares method.

Using 1 population approximation:
1 Italian_North @ 8.542789
2 French @ 10.693861
3 German-Volga @ 11.590166
4 Portugese @ 11.714646
5 English_Cornwall_GBR @ 12.846983

ADL and Others Have Contributed to Bigotry Against American Jews

I posted this to the ADL website. It is time people stepped up and draw a firm line between anti Zionism and anti Semitism. It is past time, actually. This is what I wrote:

I have tested Sephardic Jew by DNA. I am adopted. I contribute to online websites and talk about economics. But I know, and you know that Israel is the source of all this antiSemitism. People who want to lash out against Israel do it against innocent American Jews.   And you have contributed to this, by not teaching the difference between antiSemitism and antiZionism. Israel has occupied the Palestinians, who have Hebrew DNA, for over 60 years. Israel mistreated the Yemeni Jews. It mistreats the Etheopean Jews, and it mistreats the True Torah Jews. Israel is EVIL. It has no defense.   Many American Jews, more and more every day, share my view. It is the correct view. And it should be taught to the non Jews in America. Did you know that Trump and Bannon, like Ihor Kolomoyskyi, want to fuse Nazis and Jews to fi…