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This blog will be available as but the url WickedZionismdotcom will be retired. This blog was misunderstood from the beginning. I am not antiSemitic! I have Jewish DNA!.

I am antiZionist as a doctrine, as a religious doctrine. I know it is a political doctrine but poses as a religious doctrine and that conflicts with the teachings of Jesus Christ. But being a peaceful Christian, I do not advocate the destruction of Israel. I advocate the proper mercy towards the Palestinians, many of whom descend from Jacob. (As do some Saudis).

One hopes in the coming years that Israel will show mercy to the Palestinians. But it is a game that has been played so long I have a hard time continuing to even watch it. It is for others to wage the fight for the Palestinians.

The fact that I have ancient Jewish and Palestinian and Saudi DNA is a function of having been the offspring of my natural father, Armando Ramirez, a labor leader back in the 40's through the 70's. …

Israel May Do Some Good In The World, Maybe

Israel may yet do some good in the world. So far, that good does not extend to the Palestinians, but perhaps that nation is moving towards peace in the world. I am not certain of this, but it could happen that the nation could moderate America's tendency to seek war through its relationship with China.

I do still believe that the concept of Zionism is inherently flawed. The treatment of the Palestinians, who are DNA cousins of the Ashkenazi Jews, is criminal. But we all want world peace and hope some compromise can one day be reached. This is the issue as I posted in an article for Talkmarkets:

Donald Trump's world view is one of US superiority, and maintaining that superiority. But clearly, the customers are in Asia. Japan's Abe and Israel's Netanyahu have signaled more cooperation with China as both realize that Asia is where it's at economically. For Abe, Trump is perplexingly pushing Japan into China's camp: Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's use of …

Trump Accomplishments. So Far Not Pretty

1. Tax cuts for the rich, 
2. Massive deficits, 
3. Farmers on welfare, 
4. Bamboozled by Kim, 
5. Pissed off our allies, 
6. Failed to aid US citizens in Puerto Rico, 
7. Hurt a burgeoning worldwide bourbon industry, 
8. Attacked private citizens by Twitter, 
9. Said Charlottesville racists we're fine people, 
10. Made fun of disabled people, 
11. Expanded an already bloated war machine, 
12. Made bowing to the flag more important than the right to protest, even though our flag up until now, was a symbol of that freedom, 
13. Proven that he is not only a racist, but is also a fascistic, 
14. Put the reserve currency, the dollar into danger of being replaced by attempting to weaken the world economies to enhance the US economy using trade wars which have never worked. 
15. Separated children, even infants, from parents on our border with Mexico in a heartless and wicked and fascistic fashion.
16. Called out reporters as enemies of the nation, thereby endangering them.

Those are just a few of Dona…

Some Gedrosian Admixture Tests for Gary Anderson

My natural father was a Ramirez. On that side is my ancient Jewish connection. This Gedrosian Eurasia k6 test along with the K3 test show that I have ancient Jewish DNA. (I also have modern Jewish DNA per 23andme on Chromosomes 6 and 22 and triangulate with about 150 fully Ashkenazi relatives.)

Here is my K6 Ancient Eurasian test results for the mixed population mode:

Mixed Mode Population Sharing:

#Primary Population (source)Secondary Population (source)Distance172.5%Jew_Libyan+27.5%Motala12@1.59267.1%Saudi+32.9%Hungarian_KO1@1.68367.1%Saudi+32.9%WHG@1.68471.9%Jew_Libyan+28.1%SHG@1.78569.8%Lebanese+30.2%Hungarian_KO1@1.81669.8%Lebanese+30.2%WHG@1.81771.5%Jew_Tunisian+28.5%Motala12@1.92885.1%French+14.9%Moroccan@1.92983.8%French+16.2%Algerian@1.921085.5%French+14.5%Saharawi@1.931169.2%Palestinian+30.8%Hungarian_KO1@2.021269.2%Palestinian+30.8%WHG@2.021366.5%Jew_Yemenite+33.5%Hungarian_KO1@2.061466.5%Jew_Yemenite+33.5%WHG@2.061592.2%French+7.8%Somali@2.111674.9%Jew_Tunisian+25.1%WHG@2.2…

The Killing of Unarmed Palestinians Was Wicked

Remember that Palestinians are DNA cousins to the Jews in Israel. Yet the Zionist soldiers fired into a crowd of Palestinians who were unarmed.

This was a dark day for Zionism, but isn't every day of occupation? The US is supporting ethnic cleansing of a people with DNA links to Israel. It is sickening:

Parkland Zionist Bloomberg Con Job

So, you do know we have video of students and a police scanner reporting multiple shooters. It was a drill. The government was already there. Did you know two Swat members got in trouble for showing up at Parkland? If it was not planned they would have been welcomed. And the security guard is right, there was gunfire at the football field. The scanner confirms this. If anyone died it was for show. It was preplanned. You have been conned, again.

Trump seeks to Make Jerusalem Capital of Israel

Donald Trump is destroying the peace process by making Jerusalem the capital of Israel. Strife will intensify until the end of the world. Donald Trump is an evil man. He is an exceptionally wicked closet Zionist.